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Published 16th February 2022

Why Do Wavy Hair Women Love Using Mousse?

Hair mousse is a critical product in our quest to unlocking our beachy waves. But how does it work and why does wavy hair love it far more than curly hair? 

Let’s find out…


Far too many women treat their wavy hair as if it’s curly. Problem is curly hair requires strong gels, alongside heavy butters and oils to hold their curls definition in place. These ingredients will cause havoc for us wavies.

Wavy hair craves lightweight ingredients. Too much gel and your hair will become a weighed down gunky mess. It’ll become sticky and unmanageable. Not a great look!

Hence why we use a lightweight mousse to do the bulk of the styling.


Mousse is a versatile foam based styling product that’s primarily used to add volume and hold to your hair. Us wavies use it to lock our waves into a cast, without weighing our hair down. 

Ingredients such as Polyquaternium-16 provide volume by adding lift at the roots. This creates space between the hair strands which enhances your waves shape and definition. It’s also non-greasy. Which will create a softer, shinier appearance. 

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After washing and conditioning your hair, simply scrunch in your mousse. The scrunching technique will add the required volume and definition. It’ll also add bounce whilst reducing frizz.

You then scrunch in a small quantity of Protect Gel to hold that definition in place. This lightweight gel won’t weigh your waves down unlike heavier gels.

Simply diffuse or air dry as normal.

Full video tutorial can be watched here.

can i refresh using mousse?

Yes! This has become very popular with Merwave customers. If you feel your hair is becoming a little weighed down on refresh days using gel, then switch it for the Cast Foam instead.

You may not achieve the same hold, yet your waves will be much softer and lighter.

merwave cast foam vs high street mousses

Cheaper mousses found on the supermarket shelves typically contain Dimethicone. An oil ingredient used to prevent your hair from becoming tangled. Issue is this ingredient contains silicones, which can cause long term damage to our hair.

Merwave’s Cast Foam doesn’t contain Dimethicone. Instead we’ve used gentle cleansers such as Cocamidopropyl Betaine. Our Cast Foam will also form a film over your hair that will help prevent your hair from becoming dehydrated. The inclusion of Polyquaternium-16 will add more volume and definition.

Treat your wavy hair to the products it deserves. Click below now and explore the Merwave wavy hair range.



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