Below you'll find tutorials to awaken your waves.

All products (excluding the oil) should be applied to wet hair. This will ensure the product is evenly distributed around your hair. 

Wash hair with lukewarm water. Hot water can cause damage to your hair and scalp. 

Our products don't contain sulphates, so don't expect a lather. Your hair will still be deeply cleansed. Just in a healthier manner. 

Step 1


Merwave Cleanse Shampoo

Why we use it

Contains Jojoba oil and avocado extract. Vitamin and mineral rich ingredients that deeply cleans, revitalises, soothes and nourishes your hair. Free of harmful ingredients (silicones, sulphates, parabens) which strip away your natural oils, cause scalp irritation and frizz. 

How to use it

Massage Merwave Cleanse Shampoo into fully saturated wet hair. Start at the root making sure you use your finger tips on your scalp (not your nails as this disrupts your scalp). Rinse off. 

Step 2


Merwave Repair Conditioner

Why we use it

Wavy hair craves moisture. Packed with hydrating ingredients such as Glycerin and Jojoba oil, this conditioner will nourish and detangle your hair before holding onto the vital moisture needed to prevent your hair from frizzing and breaking. Leaves your hair oozing with moisture. 

How to use it

Smooth Merwave Repair Conditioner through saturated hair from the roots to the end. Use enough product so your hair feels like super slippery (like seaweed). Use your fingers, a tangle teaser or a wide tooth comb to brush through. Rinse off. 

Step 3


Merwave Protein Leave-in Feed Treatment

Why we use it

Hair is made up of 90% protein. Over time your protein structure will deteriorate causing weakness and breakages. No.3 is a leave in treatment that feeds your hair with the vital nutrients and proteins required to stay elastic, strong and healthy. Split ends and breakages will be a distant memory.

How to use it

You may not need to use this every wash. Only when your hair requires protein. See video further down this page to determine whether you hair currently needs more protein or moisture.

Take a small amount of the Merwave Feed Treatment and smooth it through wet hair with your hands in a praying position. Keep smoothing it through until your entire hair is covered. Focus on the length (not the root). Don't rinse out.

Most Merwavers use the Feed Treatment every 3-4 washes to give their hair a protein boost. If your hair feels dry and brittle after using it, then it’s likely your hair needs moisture not protein. So remove it for the next wash.

Step 4


Merwave Cast Foam

Why we use it

A lightweight foam that locks our waves into a cast, without weighing them down. Contains Polyquaternium-16, which enhances the shape and definition of our waves by creating space between the hair strands. This provides volume by adding lift at the roots. 

How to use it

With your hair still wet, flip your head upside down. Take the Merwave Cast Foam and rake it through gently. Then take small sections of your hair and scrunch them up towards your scalp. Squeeze slightly to get rid of excess moisture to help the drying process.

Step 5


Merwave Protect Gel

Why we use it

This gel is lightweight enough not to weigh our waves down, yet strong enough to maintain a soft hold that will clump your waves together for longer. The gel keeps our hair hydrated by locking in moisture. The result are shiny, bouncy waves without the crunchy, stringy look.

How to use it

Cover your palms with the Merwave Protect Gel. Repeat the scrunch and squeeze motion until you have evenly spread the gel throughout your hair. The gel will protect your waves when your hair dries. 

Drying Hair

At this point our hair will still be pretty wet. 

There are multiple methods to dry your hair.

You can let it air dry naturally. Or use a micro fibre towel or 100% cotton t-shirt to dry it. 

If you're pushed for time, you can also diffuse it on a low heat setting. Video below on how to diffuse correctly. 

Scrunch Out The Crunch

The Cast Foam and Protect Gel create a crispy cast around your waves as they dry. You need to break the cast when your hair is fully dry by clapping or scrunching it out. This is called ‘scrunching out the crunch’.


Diffusing Hair

If you decide not to air dry your hair then you can use a low heat and low speed diffuser. Keep your head upside down and hover at the roots. Once they are dry move to the ends, scooping small sections and moving them towards your roots. 

Try not to touch your hair too much. Move your head to one side and continue to gather your hair upwards in the diffuser. Once your hair is completely dry it may look crunchy, so scrunch with dry hands to break your cast and reveal your waves! 

Protein Vs Moisture Test

This video will determine whether your hair is moisture or protein deficient. You can then use certain products to balance things out (Feed Treatment if you need protein, Deep Conditioner if you need moisture).

The Refresh

There will be days when your hair looks slightly flat and you need a quick refresh (not a full wash). 

To do this, use a spray bottle of water, wet hands or steam from a shower to dampen your hair. Add some Protect Gel (#5) to wet palms before scrunching through your hair. Repeat until all hair is covered. Then air dry or diffuse.

Or use our Refresh Spray, which is designed for revitalising post wash day waves and fighting off frizz. Discover more here.

How To Protect Your Hair When Sleeping

It's critical you protect your waves whilst you sleep. The benefits are reduced frizz, longer lasting hold and less tangles. 

In this video I reveal three options you can choose to maintain those waves. One is a silk pillow case. Second is a silk bonnet. Third is the pineapple technique. 

How To Use Wavy Hair Oil

Apply 3 pumps of oil to the palm of your hands. Smooth through dry hair. Focus on the dry and frizzy areas. Do not rinse. Can be used daily. Can also be applied at night and left in for added hydration. 

Buy our wavy hair oil here.

Bowl Method Tutorial

Some of our customers swear by this method. It evenly distributes the products, which results in more defined waves. 

How To Decant Your Products For Holiday

All bottles purchased from Amazon. 

How To Use Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

We recommend treating yourself to a deep condition every 7-10 days. Or whenever your hair is feeling dry and frizzy.

1. Shampoo hair as normal (don't condition)

2. Apply mask to wet hair

3. Comb/detangle hair whilst it’s dripping in the hydrating mask

4. Leave mask on for 15-30 minutes (or longer if you want)

5. Rinse off with warm water

6. Style as normal 

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