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Published 19th October 2021

6 Ways to Add Volume to Create Incredible Wavy Hair

We all want thicker and fuller wavy hair. It’s a sign that our hair is healthy and strong. It allows our waves to stay defined for longer. Yet a lot of people struggle and lack volume.

So below we’ve outlined 6 tips that’ll help you enhance the volume of your wavy hair.

1. use a clarifying shampoo

If you find that your hair is always flat at the roots then it could be time to clarify your hair. Clarifying shampoos are used to remove excess product build up and oils, which will leave your hair super clean.

I clarify my hair once a month or so when it’s beginning to look a little bit lifeless. It kind of wipes the slate clean and allows me to get incredible results when I apply my Merwave wavy hair products again.

2. rinse your hair upside down

You’ve likely seen people washing their hair upside down on tutorial videos. But what are the benefits to doing it?

Firstly, it allows your scalp to be fully cleansed, which means any excess build up can be removed, leading to healthier and stronger wavy hair.

Secondly, it’ll help your waves to start forming pointing upwards as opposed to lying flat against your head. This can leave your waves looking more vibrant and thicker without any extra effort.

3. cast your hair

There’s a reason we included a mousse within our wavy hair kit (step #4). It’s integral to creating thicker, more defined waves. Yet most people have either never used a mousse before or don’t know how to use it correctly.

The Merwave Cast Foam contains quaternary polymer. This lightweight ingredient enhances the shape and definition of our waves by creating space between our hair strands. It effectively locks our waves into a cast without weighing our hair down. This helps lift our hairs routes and add volume.

feed treatment

4. use a diffuser

Firstly, never use a hairdryer if you want to awaken your amazing wavy hair. The air force will destroy the way your hair clumps together.

Instead opt for a diffuser on a low heat setting. The air velocity will be reduced, which means you can dry your hair without causing damage or disturbance to your waves. This will lead to more volume and thicker waves. And (if done correctly) less frizz and heat damage.

To give your hair even more bounce, tip it upside down and then diffuse the hair upside down ensuring you switch your parting from side to side. We’ve got a video on how to diffuse your hair correctly here.

5. use high quality products

The quality of the products you apply will have a huge impact on the quality of your wavy hair. To add more volume and achieve fullness, you need to be using products that are lightweight enough not to weigh your waves down, yet strong enough to keep the waves shape defined.

A lack of volume and damaged hair could also be the result of a lack of protein. Our hair requires protein to remain strong (just like our muscles do). Check out this article to discover if your hair needs a protein treatment. 

Merwave’s three styling products (Feed, Cast and Protect) are designed to achieve this. 

6. have a haircut 

Sounds obvious, yet sometimes all you need to get back on the right track is a good quality haircut. It’ll contribute to hair growth whilst promoting a stronger, healthier head of hair.

If your hair is beginning to thin at the ends, or is becoming knotty and rough, then that’s your clear sign to go and get it cut. Equally, you may find that you hair has suddenly began to lose its definition or shape after it’s grown past a certain length. This is normal. Everyone has a barrier where their hair falls flat - this article reveals 5 tips to avoid flat roofs. You just need to take action and get it trimmed to get back to your peak hair length.

Another sign that it’s time to get your haircut is excess hair loss. It’s important to note that hair shedding is normal. Yet if you’re finding that your wavy hair is shedding significantly more hair than usual, then this is a sign that your hair is failing to thrive at its current length.

When you are getting your haircut, ensure your stylist knows how to cut hair for wavy / curly hair. It’s different to your standard cuts. Which is why there are hairdressers out there who only specialise in wavy / curly hair cuts.



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