Lightweight Products Create Weightless Waves

Wavy hair makes an S-shaped pattern.

Gentle loose bends that flow through the hair.

This ‘S’ structure makes it susceptible to being weighed down by heavy ingredients typically found in curly products.

Your hair becomes greasy and limp.

Your waves flatten.

Its natural bounce and shape are lost.

To maintain soft, defined waves, it’s essential to use lightweight products that enhance your waves natural flow.

Type 2 wavy hair. Forms an 'S' shape.

How we designed lightweight products for wavy hair

Packed full of water-based fruit extracts, Merwave’s products hydrate and nourish your hair. 

Without the heaviness caused by traditional hair care ingredients like creamy butters or rich oils.

Our lightweight styling products (Cast Foam & Protect Gel) enhance your wave definition without creating that stiff, unnatural look.

They lift your hair at the root.

Creating a fuller more voluminous appearance.

Your waves move freely.

Remaining defined and bouncy throughout the day.

Lightweight products create weightless waves. 

Which is why 80,000+ women use Merwave to awaken their waves.