Bye greasy, frizzy mess. Hello healthy waves. This kit will awaken your natural wavy hair after one easy application at home.

   Unleashes soft, energised, beachy worthy waves

   Restores damaged hair. Reduces frizz and breakages

   Easy and quick process (takes 15-minutes at home)

   5 products formulated for wavy hair (kit lasts 3 months)

   Over 10,000 wavy kits sold

   FREE deep conditioning hair mask included (worth £22)

   FREE mainland UK shipping


Kit includes: 1x 250ml Cleanse Shampoo, 1 x 250ml Repair Conditioner, 1 x 250ml Feed Treatment, 1 x 180ml Cast Mousse, 1 x 250ml Protect Gel, 1 x 300ml Deep Conditioning Mask

Transform your hair into gorgeous waves

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Lightweight products formulated for wavy hair

Zero harsh ingredients. Vegan. Never tested on animals. Curly Girl approved. Full ingredients list here


Cleanse Shampoo

Contains Jojoba oil and avocado extract. Vitamin and mineral rich ingredients that deeply cleans, revitalises, soothes and nourishes your hair. Free of harmful ingredients (silicones, sulphates, parabens) which  strip away your natural oils, cause scalp irritation and frizz. 


Repair Conditioner

Packed with hydrating ingredients such as Glycerin and Jojoba oil. Will nourish and detangle your hair before holding onto the vital moisture needed to prevent your hair from frizzing and breaking. Leaves your hair oozing with moisture. 


Feed Treatment

Wavy hair needs to be hydrated. This leave in treatment contains glycerin which slows down water evaporation. This prevents hair from drying out, which causes brittle strands, breakages and frizz. Post feed your wavy hair will be luscious, energised, shiny and soft. 


Cast Foam
A lightweight foam that locks our waves into a cast, without weighing them down. Contains Polyquaternium-16, which enhances the shape and definition of our waves by creating space between the hair strands. This provides volume by adding lift at the roots. 


Protect Gel

This gel is lightweight enough not to weigh our waves down, yet strong enough to maintain a soft hold that will clump your waves together for longer. The gel keeps our hair hydrated by locking in moisture. The result are shiny, bouncy waves without the crunchy, stringy look.


Deep Conditioning Mask

This luxurious conditioning mask will deeply moisturise your hair leaving it feeling nourished, shiny and silky-smooth. Lightweight ingredients will help retain your hairs moisture, which will prevent your waves from becoming weighed down, frizzy and tangled.

How it works

15 minutes. 5 easy steps

Step 1: Wash hair using Cleanse Shampoo

Step 2: Condition hair using Repair Conditioner

Step 3: Apply Feed Treatment 

Step 4: Scrunch in Cast Foam

Step 5: Apply Protect Gel

Full video demo here

Over 10,000 wavy kits sold

Real women. Real results

Customer Reviews

Based on 780 reviews
Love this kit

I rarely leave reviews of products, but I wanted to say how much I LOVE the merwave kit. I use the full line-up when I wash my hair, then water, leave-in & mousse to refresh & my waves have never looked better! I’ve used so many products over the years, but this kit is all you need.

Great! Never looking back!

Embracing my curls now! Great products. Last ages! Smells great!

Merwave Feed Leave in

My hair loves this stuff, it banishes frizz plus I use it as a next day refresh. Has lots of slip so easy to get a brush through before styling!

Second purchase

Really rate the conditioner, mousse and deep conditioning mask.

Frequently asked questions

If you have any further questions please email me directly: abi@merwave.co.uk

Are the products all curly girl friendly?


Do I have to stick to this routine completely?

Of course not. This isn't strict, so mix and match as you see fit. EG. You may use steps 1,2,3,4,5,4 for extra hold. 

Can I use styling tools?

Of course heat damages our hair. But if you want to use them then no-one is going to stop you, so go for it!

I don't have a diffuser. Will this system still work?

It sure will. Just use a cotton towel or silk head scarf and let your hair dry naturally.

Are the products vegan?

Yes they are

When can I expect to see results?

If you have natural waves then you will see texture after the first round. Your hair will then become healthier after each subsequent round. This will then awaken your natural waves more. Bear in mind that if your hair is damaged from bleach, it might take longer to repair, so the results may not be as quick.

For more information, read this article: How to Survive The Curly Girl Transition

Can I brush my hair between washes?

Try to avoid brushing. Instead brush when your hair is wet. If you do need to dry brush apply oil first and use a gentle hair brush or wide tooth comb.

Are the products high in protein?

Some of our products do contain small traces of protein, but not high quantities

Are the products gluten free?

The shampoo, conditioner and feed treatment contain wheat protein, so they are not gluten free.

Do you ship to the USA and Europe?

Not at the moment. We will do eventually. Just have some hoops to jump through first as they are cosmetic products :)

Is my hair wavy?

Most people don't know they've got wavy hair. They don’t recognise their natural pattern. So they settle for straightening it. Instead of unleashing their natural beach worthy waves. 

If your hair feels impossible to handle it’s time to take a step back and learn about your locks. You’ll probably be very surprised by what you discover.


This article reveals 5 critical signs that you’ve got wavy hair