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Published 14th June, 2021

How To Clump Waves For Better Definition

A common problem for wavies is achieving definition that shows off your naturally wavy hair. While a little frizz is completely fine, encouraging your waves to form together will transform how our hair looks and how long your styles last throughout the week.


So, what’s the secret? Well, it’s time to turn frizzy, thin waves into defined juicy waves all through the power of clumping.


With the right curl enhancing products and a good technique, your wavy hair will be easy to style as soon as you get out of the shower. Creating definition doesn’t need to be difficult! Learn how to clump your wavy hair and you’re good to go!


Here’s all you need to know about clumping your natural waves for an amazing definition of your wave pattern.

what is CLUMPING?

Encouraging your waves to ‘clump’ means gathering them together so they form thicker, shiner waves instead of thin and separated hair that can often look poofy.


You’d be surprised how much definition you can achieve when you use effective styling techniques as well as the right products.


When your waves are not ‘clumped’ together they can look straggly, however, juicy defined curls will show off your natural waves and encourages less frizz. 

The technique is used on washday as a way of styling your waves to bring out your definition and give your hair an amazing shape!

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Wavy hair styling is easy, especially when you have the best products to define curls and waves. If your hair is dehydrated then your natural waves won’t clump, so always invest in good products and take care of your hair in other ways to ensure that it’s as healthy as possible.


If you're experiencing washday fails and your wavy hair styling just isn’t achieving the results you want, give clumping a shot. 

Shampoo and condition your hair

First, you need to wash your hair with a nourishing wavy hair shampoo to remove any build-up and cleanse your scalp. Once this has been rinsed out you should apply and brush through your wavy hair conditioner to hydrate the lengths of your hair and create a good base for styling. Then rinse this off, leaving your with smooth hair.

Squish to condish

Now it’s time to apply your styling products. This step is most important. You can either flip your head over or style upright. Use your hands to gently rake through the product until it’s evenly distributed. We've got video tutorials showing you how to do this properly. Click here to view.


You can now ‘squish to condish’. Simply scrunch or squish your hair upwards to encourage your wavy hair to form into natural clumps. Not only will this help your natural waves soak up the moisture but this is a great way of tackling dry wavy hair that’s difficult to style.


While scrunching you might be able to hear a ‘squishy’ sound or feel the smoothness of your waves are they begin to form.You will be able to see the wave shapes coming through.

Lock in definition with a good gel

With the right products, your waves will flourish more than ever. But, one of the reasons why your waves might not be clumping is because you don’t have enough hold. That’s where layering your products come in.


Using curl enhancing products (such as a gel) after your main styler can lock in your definition you’ve created and therefore reduce frizz.

Guide your hair

Did you know that you can guide your waves to fall a certain way? 

If you have a section that isn’t shaping like the rest, you can finger coil this section. To do this, use your hands to wrap each clump around your finger to form beautiful waves that stay in place.


This is also a great way of ensuring that each product is distributed properly so your hair stays well moisturised. If you have a fringe or layers, fingering coiling each wave and scrunching will encourage good definition and lead to a tighter wave pattern.

Let your hair fully dry

It can be tempting to keep playing with your hair when it’s drying, however, doing so will disrupt your waves as they are forming causing them to look undefined.


When your styling routine is complete leave your waves alone! Let everything fully dry before scrunching out the crunch so that your waves form much better - this is also essential for fighting frizz.

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Finding a routine and technique that works for your natural waves can take a little trial and error but you must be patient, your waves deserve a little TLC after all.


Have you tried clumping your wavy hair but you still need a little help? Fear not, there are a few small changes that can make a big difference to your results.


Try these top tips when your wavy hair won’t clump!

1. You’re using the wrong products

When it comes to wavy hair styling, the magic is in the products you use as well as the technique. If you aren’t feeding your hair with the right shampoo, conditioner or gel then it won’t cooperate and you’ll be back to square one.


Always choose curl enhancing products that are designed for wavy hair, such as the Merwave range. High-quality, natural ingredients will nourish your waves and allow them to clump together much easier. 

2. You need a haircut

One of the reasons why you may be finding it difficult to clump your waves is an overdue haircut. Even a small trim can re-awaken your waves.


If you’ve not been to a wavy hair specialist for your haircut before it’s time to book an appointment. The longer your waves get the more stretched they become and your ends can start to look straggly.


Getting a good wavy haircut can help to define the shape of your waves so when it comes to styling they naturally begin to clump.

3. You’re over brushing your hair

If you’re following the wavy girl method (which is similar to the curlygirl method) then you should use your hands rather than combs or brushes where possible.


It’s fine to detangle with a brush when applying your conditioner, however, when you reach the styling step try to use your hands as bristles can over separate your curls causing them not to clump.

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Want To Awaken Your Natural Waves?

The Merwave range is built for wavy hair. Simple, natural wavy hair products that unleash your natural waves after a few washes. 

Click here to discover the full range. 



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