Published 8th April, 2021

How To Use Apple Cider Vinegar On Wavy Hair

Apple Cider Vinegar

You probably didn’t know that as well as being tasty on salads, apple cider vinegar is great for your hair. ACV is naturally high in acetic acid and has a similar pH level to human hair. 

Some hair products can disrupt the natural pH which can affect the cuticle of the hair and the condition of the scalp but ACV is a great way to correct this to bring your waves back, reduce frizz, add shine, and helps with any scalp irritation.

If you don’t have any ACV and you want to buy some, make sure you buy a raw, unpasteurized one, this should include “the Mother”. The Mother contains enzymes, bacteria, pectin and trace minerals.

If your hair is looking a bit lack luster then a ACV rinse may be the answer to breakdown any residue that’s built up in your hair.

The acedic element in ACV is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal so great for any itchy scalps. It literally dissolves any particles away.

How to use:

Mix 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water add to spray bottle or stir in a jug

Shampoo and condition as normal

Slowly spray or pour your scalp and allow it to run down the length of your hair

Massage into scalp and leave for 3-5 mins

Rinse with cool water to lock in the moisture and shine

p.s. once dry your hair wont smell like a chippy!


Rice water rinse

It's exactly what it sounds like, most people rinse their rice before cooking it and discard that milky water, that water is the magic ingredient for your hair. 

That water contains inositol which can stay in a hair shaft even after rinsing, shielding and protecting your hair after washing. Rinsing with rice water can add shine, volume, improve elasticity, encourage growth and improve the overall condition of your hair.

So grab that white rice!

Add one cup rice and 3 cups water

Leave for 30 mins

Strain the rice (cook something tasty later)

Apply to shampooed hair, leave for 5-10 mins (you can go up to an hour once you feel more confident)

Rinse and style as normal


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