Published 1st April, 2021

7 Wavy Hair Tips You Need To Know

I've spent years mastering the perfect wavy hair. Hair that glides in the wind. Hair that is healthy. Hair that turns heads whenI enter a room. Hair that makes me feel confident. Hair that I can be proud of.


But here’s the thing. I don’t follow the Curly Girl Method. It’s too confusing.Involves too many products. Doesn’t fit into my busy lifestyle. Yet I am a wavy hair enthusiast. Everybody’s curly hair routine will be slightly different and that’s what makes having wavy hair so unique.


However, there are a few important things that you can try if your natural waves are feeling a little lacklustre or you want to improve your regime.


So in this article, I'm going to share my top 7 tips. Tips that allowed me to awaken and embrace my beach-worthy waves.

Firstly, if you're unsure if your hair is wavy, take this quiz.


1. Use a good quality silicon free shampoo

Most people don’t realise the number of harmful ingredients that are in standard shampoos. Silicones are man-made polymers that create the feeling of silky soft hair but in fact, cause dryness and block beneficial ingredients from penetrating your hair.


Going natural is always best for curly and wavy hair. A silicone-free shampoo will clarify your scalp without leaving it feeling stripped, plus the formula will not cling to the outside of your hair which means your styling products will be more effective. It’s a win-win!


To restore your natural oils without weighing down your natural waves, the Merwave Cleanse shampoo is my go-to.

2. Tangles and frizz are caused by a lack of moisture

As a wavy girl, moisture should be your best friend. Your hair needs tons of it to thrive. Poor hydration can be the cause of many problems but injecting more moisture into your hair is a simple fix.


I use bucket loads of Merwave Repair conditioner when washing mine to ensure it stays deeply hydrated. It contains glycerin and jojoba oil which is an amazing blend that deeply nourishes wavy hair.


Another cause of frizz may be that you’re simply not applying your styling products evenly. I’ve found that having very wet hair when applying styling products can help for absorption and you can try brushing the products through. The plopping method is a great technique to use on soaking wet hair.

3. Seal your moisture in using a mask conditioner

Are you sealing in your hair’s moisture? Moisture retention is so important when it comes to caring for your natural waves and enhancing curls. Most people fail to seal their moisture in which means it quickly becomes dehydrated causing frizz and tangles.


By using a good quality leave-in conditioner like Merwave’s Feed treatment, or high-quality natural oils, you can feed your hair with the nutrients it needs to stay moist. When your wavy hair is fully hydrated you’ll notice a big difference in how it looks, behaves and feels!


However, try to avoid butter and heavy oils. They can cause product build-up on the hair and weigh it down.


Keep the products light and the gels strong!

4. Silk accessories

Silk doesn’t absorb moisture as cotton does. I use silk pillowcases and silk scrunchies/ hairbands - this minimises moisture loss, which means our waves stay intact for longer. We've got a full article revealing our top silk products. Check it out here.


Making this small change will ensure that you’re being gentle on your hair. Cotton bedsheets, for example, can cause havoc to the condition of your hair and regular hairbands can make your hair prone to tangles and ripping.


Satin and silk rule number one when it comes to choosing wavy girl accessories!

5. Change your hair brush

There is often some confusion as to whether you should or shouldn’t brush wavy hair. If using a brush works for you then great, but choose the right one!


Use a gentle brush such as a Denman, ikoo or Tangle Teezer) as these are best for curls and waves. These brushes use a combination of long and short flexible teeth to glide through hair easily, so unnecessary tugging or pulling.


You should also brush your hair when wet instead of dry as this will limit damage and reduce the amount of hair loss when detangling.

6. Diffuse

A diffuser won’t magically make straight hair curl. But, along with a good Cast Foam and Protect Gel it will definitely help your waves hold their shape whilst they dry.


The diffuser disperses the air to reduce frizz and keep from disrupting the natural wave pattern. It’s a great tool for enhancing curls and natural waves especially if you’re in a hurry as we all know how long thick hair can take to dry!


Just be mindful of how hot the hairdryer is and always use a heat protector. Using a cool setting can still achieve great results with great definition.

7. Accept the good and the bad!

We all have good hair days and bad ones. So don’t give up.


Sometimes your hair will not cooperate and other days it will look great but what’s most important is making sure your hair is healthy.


Lots of factors can affect your hair, like the weather (winter and summer waves can be completely different), the products you use or your styling technique. Just remember that it’s not the end of the world if your hair doesn’t turn out perfectly.


Try different styles and aim to understand your hair. There are lots of different ways that you can style your natural ways so get creative and don’t feel disheartened if you have a couple of off days. Embrace the changes and you’ll have a much better relationship with your hair.


Keep your natural waves looking and feeling healthy today with the Merwave 5 step system. Our natural ingredients will enhance your curls and waves from shampooing to styling - unleash your naturally wavy hair with one easy application at home.

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