5 Signs You've Got Wavy Hair

Published 5th April, 2021

5 Signs You've Got Wavy Hair

Most people don't know they've got wavy hair. They don’t recognise their natural pattern. So they settle for straightening it. Instead of unleashing their natural beach worthy waves. 

If your hair feels impossible to handle it’s time to take a step back and learn about your locks. You’ll probably be very surprised by what you discover.


Here are 5 critical signs that you’ve got wavy hair...

#1 - Your hair is wavy when wet but dries straight

When your hair is wet it often reveals your natural pattern. 

So if you spot waves or curls this is the sign that you don't have straight hair. 

The key is to find the right products and techniques to embrace your waves after your hair has been washed

#2 - You experience frizz especially during humidity

Humidity and the weather can have a big effect on wavy hair. 

If yours frizzes up whenever you leave the house, you may have some waves trying to get free! 

Instead of tying your hair back in an attempt to keep it neat, add moisture back into your hair so your waves can come through. The frizz will turn into definition.

#3 - Your hair looks puffy or flicks out

Hair that looks puffy or flicks out at the end is a common sign of waves. 

It’s very easy for waves to be hidden or camouflaged under poofiness. Usually because people brush out their waves instead of defining them. 

If your hair naturally wants to flick out, this could be waves trying to form. 

#4 - Your hair is unmanageable 

Tried loads of different conditioning treatments and still find your hair impossible to tame? Broken hairbrushes or combs just trying to brush your hair? Take you ages to detangle, leading to your hair snapping? 

Could be that your hair is extremely damaged or it could be that you have wavy hair. 

#5 – Blow drying yet still frizzy.

Ever noticed when blow drying your hair straight that sections refuse to straighten? 

Or you spend ages making it straight and as soon as you get hot or it rains it's no longer straight. 

Those kinks just appear and there's no amount of blow drying or straightening will make them disappear.

That's wavy hair.

Want to awaken your natural waves in 5 easy, quick steps? 

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