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Published 8th April, 2021

My Hair Is In A Funk. What Can I do?

Are your waves looking limp and frizzy? Are you at your wits ends with how to look after your hair? Sounds like your locks are in a funk! Don’t worry, you can revive your hair and get it back to look its best by trying a few simple tricks.


Sometimes your natural waves just won’t cooperate. Wavy hair can have a mind of its own but when it just won’t sit right or frizz is taking over, it can seem impossible to manage.


Being in a hair funk is never fun, but we’ve got the lowdown on how you can revive your natural waves.


Understanding what’s best for curls and waves will totally differ between each person. Depending on your wave pattern, porosity and thickness, your hair could be acting up for a whole range of reasons!


Here are some questions to ask yourself when your wavy hair is in a funk:


     Have I been damaging my hair with heat or chemicals?


     Are the ingredients in the products disagreeing with my hair?


     Is a particular step in my curly hair routine no longer working?


     Am I using the best styling technique?


     Is my hair getting enough moisture?


     Has the weather been affecting my wavy hair?


Chances are the reason behind your hair funk can be answered by one of these questions or a combination. It’s time to improve your curly hair routine so your waves can get back to looking their best and you can feel confident in your natural hair.

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Don’t let your hair funk get the better of you! If you’ve noticed a change in the way your wavy hair looks or feels then that’s okay, hair can change over time but it’s always best to figure out the solution sooner rather than later.


Here are some simple changes that you can to get your waves in great condition again.

1. Deep condition or use a hair mask regularly

One of the best tips for curly and wavy hair is to ensure that you’re adding enough moisture into your curly hair routine. Everybody produces natural hair oils but it’s more difficult travelling down spirals and waves which means your ends can dry out very easily.


If you don’t use deep conditioners or hair masks for wavy hair then adding them into your routine can be a real game-changer! They’re a great way of keeping your waves well moisturised as dry, brittle hair can be difficult to handle and can completely change how your hair looks.


Deep conditioners are an easy way of reviving tired hair with effective ingredients that work from the inside out. You can add them to your curly hair routine every wash day or whenever your hair is feeling like it needs a boost!

2. Apply a protein treatment

Treatments are a little different to deep conditioners as they can improve the structure of your hair. Protein treatments, for example, are particularly good as your hair is already made up of the protein Keratin.


By infusing your waves with an extra boost once a month can tackle damage, increase hair strength and generally repair your waves so they look and feel amazing.


Treatments are generally used less frequently than masks. However, they do an amazing job at reviving dull or lacklustre natural waves. Get your monthly dose of vitamins and minerals for your natural waves and your hair will appreciate it!

3. Use an apple cider vinegar rinse

Sometimes it’s easy to forget about scalp health as well as caring for the lengths of your hair. If you’ve been suffering from an itchy scalp, flaking or something similar, an apple cider vinegar rinse can rebalance yourPH levels.


The reason for your hair funk could be down to a blocked scalp. If you are not cleansing your scalp properly and getting rid of product build-up, dirt and oils then you’ll know about it!


Apple cider vinegar provides a gentler way of cleaning the hair while retaining your natural oils. Just like your scalp, ACVis mildly acidic so it’s great at restoring your scalp’s health. There are plenty of ways to revive your hair all by using items in your cupboard too!

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4. Think about product ingredients

There a few common signs that your current hair products aren’t benefiting your hair. If your natural waves are looking frizzy, your washdays are failing or your scalp feels stripped, it’s time to switch.


Have you taken any notice of the ingredients within your shampoo or hair gels? It’s probably time to listen to your hair and swap to a natural alternative that’s best for curls and waves.


The best products for natural waves are those with amazing ingredients. If you’re not taking notice of what you’re putting on your hair, you could be using silicone, parabens and other damaging ingredients.


Pay more attention to your curly hair routine and before long you’ll notice a positive difference in the overall condition of your hair.

5. Protect your wavy hair at night

You may be ticking all of the right boxes on washday but what about at night?


Your natural waves can experience moisture loss and damage as you sleep. Even the most elegant of sleepers will toss and turn at night and this can result in frizz, dryness and tangles.


Protecting your wavy hair at night will preserve your natural waves for much longer. Plus, not only will you benefit from moisture retention but using a satin or silk pillowcase, bonnet or headwrap but you won’t need to deal with endless knots in the morning!

My favourite silk products come from About The Curl. All are hand made and are fantastic. 



Are you fed up with being in a hair funk?


The way your hair behaves has a lot to do with the products you use. At Merwave, our 5 step range is designed to hydrate, detangle and define your waves so your hair will never be in a funk! Find out more today.


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