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Published 24th March 2022

Does the Curly Girl Method Work For Wavy Hair?

You might be familiar with The Curly Girl Method or you might even be following it yourself. If it’s working well, you probably don’t need to switch up your hair care routine.

But if you haven’t got tight curls and your hair is more wavy than curly, The Curly Girl Method might not be optimal for you. Instead, The Wavy Girl Method might be better suited to your hair.

There are subtle differences between The Curly Girl Method and The Wavy Girl Method but both are very similar. To the untrained eye, they’d seem pretty much identical.

So, that begs the question ‘does The Curly Girl Method work for wavy hair?’

The answer is yes!

If your hair is more on the wavy side, following the strict guidelines of The Curly Girl Method will still work for you. It will keep your hair frizz-free and hydrated.

the curly girl method guidelines

Let’s recap some of the key rules of The Curly Girl Method to make sure you’re following all of the rules (we covered all of these in more detail in our blog Guide to the Curly Girl Method)!

● Co-wash using sulphate-free shampoo and conditioners

● Always avoid using shampoos that contain sulphate, silicones, parabens, and drying alcohols

● Co-wash (completely skip the shampooing and use conditioner only)

● Use lightweight products and avoid heavy products

● Avoid using heat to style your hair, including the use of hairdryers, hair curlers, and hair straighteners

● Don’t brush your hair or dry it with towels

● Clarify once a month

why does the curly girl method work for wavy hair?

Following all of the rules above will keep your hair nourished, healthy, and hydrated even if you only have light waves.

Skipping out on the sulphate-containing hair care products will prevent your natural oils from being stripped away as you wash. So, using silicone-free products can help to maintain your natural waves.

Using soft microfibre towels to dry your hair and cutting out any heat when styling your hair will help to prevent hair brittleness and breakages, whether you have curly or wavy hair.

When you have wavy hair, you don’t need to follow all of the guidelines in The Curly Girl Method. You have a little more freedom and you can use sulphates on your hair more often. Sulphates aren’t always bad for wavy hair but we still recommend that you stick to no-sulphate and no-silicone shampoos and conditioners most of the time.

Many wavy-haired girls find that mousse works better for their hair than gel when using it to style their waves. Mousses tend to be lighter and less sticky, which is more suitable for thinner or less coarse hair.

Remember to have fun with it and do some trial and error. You might find that following every single one of The Curly Girl Method guidelines works perfectly for your wavy hair or you might prefer to skip a few steps. You won’t know unless you try it out for yourself!

Grab a few different products, such as protein treatments and wavy hair oils, to try out. Don’t be afraid to chop and change different parts of your wavy hair care routine until you find the ideal regime for your needs. Your hair will thank you for it!



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