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Published 24th March 2022

What Is The Wavy Girl Method?

We’ve covered The Curly Girl Method on our Wavy blog in the past but this time, we’re going to cover The Wavy Girl Method.

Believe it or not, they are different things, and curly and wavy hair require unique care and different products. You need to follow a different routine to get the most out of your beautiful, natural waves.

Carry on reading to learn more about The Wavy Girl Method.

what is the wavy girl method?

As the name suggests, The Wavy Girl Method is for people with naturally wavy hair. It’s very similar to The Curly Girl Method but there are a few slight adjustments that are needed to make it more suitable for waves, instead of curls. 

To quickly recap some of the general rules of The Curly Girl Method: 

● Co-wash with sulphate-free shampoo and conditioners

● Avoid any hair care products that contain silicones or sulphates

● Use lightweight products and avoid heavy products

● Scrunch the products into your hair

● Clarify once a month

● Use minimal heat on your hair, including limiting the use of hairdryers, curlers, and straighteners

● Continue to follow The Curly Girl Method every couple of weeks for maximum results

what are the differences between the curly girl method and the wavy girl method?

Unlike The Curly Girl Method, The Wavy Girl Method is less of a strict set of rules and more of a loose set of guidelines that are designed to enhance your natural waves.

Making very slight changes to the traditional Curly Girl Method makes it easier to keep your waves moisturised without adding too much product and soaking the hair strands. Instead, they are hydrated and nourished to the perfect level.

Let’s go through some of the main differences between The Curly Girl Method and The Wavy Girl Method. Some of these differences may seem subtle but they make a huge difference to your hair!

Image of a woman with a wavy hair

co-washing isn't always necessary

In The Curly Girl Method, you should always co-wash your hair, which helps to remove any built up product and moisturise your locks. This is the most ideal option for girls with curly hair to try and keep the frizz at bay and repair any damage.

However, co-washing isn’t always necessary when you have wavy hair. Generally, wavy hair isn’t as prone to getting frizzy as curly hair. Unless you have quite thick, coarse wavy hair, co-washing might not be necessary for your waves.

Instead, stick to washing your hair normally with a sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner. You can then try co-washing every 3-4 washes and see whether it has a positive impact. 

you can brush your wavy hair

Unlike curly hair that should be left unbrushed most of the time, you have a little more freedom with wavy hair. You can brush it with less chance of frizz or breakages because wavy hair is usually slight softer and thinner than tightly curled hair.

However, we advise only brushing your hair when it is soaking wet (I brush mine when it's coated in the repair conditioner). This reduces the risk of causing strain on your hair strands, which results in breakages. 

I have seen people on Instagram brush their wavy hair when it's dry. Yet I personally, don't advocate that. 

you can use sulphate-containing products in small amounts

The Curly Girl Method is strict on its no-sulphate rule. The Wavy Girl Method has a little more lenience.

When you have wavy hair, it’s best to stick to sulphate-free and silicone-free products as much as possible but they’re not completely banned. 

An occasional sulphate strip will be refreshing for your hair but it’s not enough to damage or dry out your wavy locks.

mousse is recommended over gel

Most people who follow The Curly Girl Method use gel to control their curls and minimise frizz. A lightweight foam/mousse just isn't strong enough to 

hold their curls in place.

Mousse/Foam is a wavy girls best friend! It'll lock your waves into the cast without weighing them down. The Merwave cast foam contains Polyquaternium-16, which enhances the shape and definition of the waves by creating space between your hair strands. This results in more volume by adding lift at the roots. 

You can then finish off your routine by using a small amount of gel to keep your waves in place throughout the day. 

So, if you have wavy hair and you’ve been following The Curly Girl Method to a T, it might be time to switch things up slightly! You don’t need to strictly follow every Curly Girl rule if your hair is more on the wavy side!

Try the steps above and see if your hair care routine feels better and see whether it makes your hair feel and look healthier.

If you have any questions, get in touch with us here at Merwave! We would love to help you find the perfect hair care regime and the best products for your needs.



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