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Published 30th November 2021

How To Prevent Frizz In Type 2 Wavy Hair

We love our wavy hair but let’s be honest, frizz is a common issue we all face.

Wavy hair is naturally frizzy and its dry texture makes it more prone to damage. Don’t panic though, there are plenty of solutions to soothe the frizz.

This article recommends 5 tactics you can start implementing immediately to keep that frizz at bay.

Let’s dive in…

don't over wash your waves

First things first…make sure you’re using high quality cleansing products that are free of harmful ingredients that will strip away your hairs natural oils.

Secondly, accept that you don’t need to wash your hair every day. Because of its natural structure, wavy hair is dryer than other forms of hair.

Therefore, washing too frequently will cause your hair to dry out quicker, which can lead to breakages and frizz.

2-3 washes a week is a good baseline. This way, you can allow your natural hair oils to build up, regulate and moisturise your hair which will reduce the frizz.

Check out this article out to discover how often you should wash your hair.

hydrate and moisturise

Your hair craves moisture! Evade the frizz by maintaining as much of it as possible.

Use a high quality conditioner that’ll feed your hair with the hydrating ingredients required to keep it super slippery and workable.

You can then seal in that moisture using a hair oil. The oils fatty acids will lubricate your hair strands, which prevents them from drying out too quickly.

Hair masks are also excellent for locking in that moisture and strengthening your curls, leaving them healthy and frizz-free.

If you don’t have a deep conditioning hair mask, another quick and easy method is to avoid rinsing your conditioner fully out of your hair during your wash. By leaving some in as a leave in conditioner you’ll give your hair an added moisture boost.

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brush your hair when wet

Never brush your hair when it’s dry! This is one of the biggest sins wavy hair women can make. And something that will 100% cause damage and frizz.

Brushing your hair dry will break down your hair’s natural wave structure and add static energy. This will cause breakages and stress on your hair.

So make sure you brush your hair when it’s soaking wet.

If you need to tame your waves by brushing it when dry, run your fingers through your hair instead of using a brush.

use the right accessories

As well as avoiding brushing your hair when dry, you should avoid using a plastic brush or comb as these promote static electricity, which turns your waves to frizz.

Instead, opt for a wooden wide-tooth comb and use it to detangle your hair from the bottom upwards.

My favourite brushing tools are the Denman brush alongside the Tangle Teezer.

Make sure you’re also using satin or silk products (towels, hats, scrunchies, pillow cases). These don’t cause friction, which helps prevent breakages and frizz.

avoid hot showers

Heat damage is always one of the main culprits of causing damage to your wavy hair. A piping hot shower is lovely, but it’s not doing much good for your hair.

It will dry out your hair quicker and cause direct damage to your waves considering that your hair is the first to come into contact with the water.

Try to cool down your shower temperature - ideally the water should be cool enough for a baby to relax in.

A cool water rinse at the end will also help prevent frizz and add extra shine.

wrap up

Don’t be disheartened if your hair is too frizzy. It’s natural. Just embrace it and learn to live with it.

The reality is most people won’t even notice anyway. So instead of spending hours getting frustrated and trying to prevent it from occurring, just let it do its thing.

Obviously try different tactics to keep it under control, but the quicker you can to live with it, the happier and healthier your hair will be.



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