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Published 6th October 2021

5 Signs Your Hair Needs A Protein Treatment

Our hair is made up of proteins called Keratin. These are the blocks that build up our hair. When they become damaged (due to over styling, treatments or other stresses) the keratins begin to break down, causing our hair to become fragile and damaged.

Which is why a protein treatment is often required to give our hair the boost it needs to become healthier and stronger.

Not sure your hair needs a protein treatment? We’ve gathered the top five signs that could indicate that the time is right to apply a protein treatment to your hair.

1. you've noticed your hair has become porous

If your hair always looks dry and coarse then your hair might have become too porous as a result of gaps and tears in your hair. This means that the cortex is exposed to different stressors which means that the hair will not just absorb moisture, but it will also release it quicker than usual. This can leave hair tangled and frizzy. 

Unsure what type of hair porosity you have? This guide will tell you.

2. hair looks stringy and lacks bounce

You might have noticed that your hair has lost some of its bounciness and fullness. Protein deficiency can cause your hair to look limp and dull. Most people make the mistake of thinking that a simple hairstyle product is enough to bring their hair back to life but this will actually cause more problems. When you add more products to hair that is weak, then it will cause it to look stringy as it will weigh it down.

3. your hair has lost its elasticity

To determine if your hair has lost its elasticity take around ten strands of hair, apply some water, then give them a gentle pull. The hair should stretch and then bounce back to its normal length. It shouldn’t break either. If it does stretch yet fails to return to its length (or it breaks) then your hair is lacking protein. 

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4. you've recently coloured your hair

Bleach, treatments and hair colour all contain chemicals that change the structure of the hair and this leads to damage. These chemicals cause the pH level of your hair to increase and this then results in the cuticles rising. The more that the cuticles are raised, the length of the cortex increases which means that is exposed and that results in a loss of protein and eventually breakage.

5. you experience more breakages and shedding

It’s natural to lose hair each day (we can lose up to 100 strands). However, if you’re losing more hair than that and it doesn’t come from the root then this indicates that you have a protein problem that needs to be addressed quickly. This article advises 7 ways to prevent your hair from breaking.

If you’ve been suffering from the above then it would be recommended to apply a protein treatment to your hair. I personally use the Merwave Feed treatment twice or three times a month. This leave in treatment gives my hair the protein hit it needs to stay healthy and strong.

My waves consequently last much longer. My hair is visibly bouncier and softer.



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