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Published 5th November 2021

Why Does My Scalp Itch More In Winter?

There’s nothing worse than an itchy, irritated scalp in the winter months.

Not only can it be uncomfortable, but it can also cause flaky, unwanted skin to form on your scalp.

Keep reading to discover the 5 core reasons why your scalp is itching during the winter and what you can do to help prevent it.

1. It's lacking moisture

With cold winter temperatures comes cooler, dryer air.

This lack of moisture to your scalp can cause irritation and itchiness. Frustratingly, even indoor temperatures can cause irritation. Central heating may create a cosy home but it causes a flow of drier, unnatural air. This causes dryness, and unwanted itchiness to your curly hair.

To help combat this use our high quality Merwave Repair Conditioner to ensure your wavy hair is deeply hydrated. 

The ingredients will not only nourish your hair and prevent frizz, yet it won’t strip away your hairs natural oils, which help prevent scalp irritation.

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2. you're wearing the wrong hats

Let’s face it, there’s nothing better than styling your wavy hair with a trendy hat in the winter months.

Be careful though, as they can easily become a feeding zone for unwanted dandruff and itchiness. Warm, trapped air from wearing your hat causes poor airflow and a moist environment perfect for bacteria to thrive.

If you still can’t resist a cosy beanie on your head for your winter outings, ensure you regularly wash your hats to eliminate any unwanted bacteria.

Also use satin lined beanie’s to prevent friction. These hats will also help retain your hairs moisture.

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3. too much heat

Don’t we all crank the water heat up in the shower on a frosty, icy day?

Hot showers are delightful in the colder months but they can damage your scalp. The hot water damages keratin cells, which form the outer layer of your skin. If these are damaged, your scalp will be more exposed to the elements, causing sensitivity and dryness.

Now I’m not advising you to have ice cold showers, yet if your scalp is itchy, be wary not to turn the heat right up.

You could even try finishing your shower with a cool scalp rinse. This is known to promote glossier, healthy waves and can also sooth your irritated scalp.

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4. you're using heat products

It’s always advised that to keep your hair wavy and healthy, heat products such as blow dryers and straighteners should be avoided.

In the winter, this is especially true.

The extra hot heat will only cause damage to the skin on your scalp. Therefore, avoid heat products and opt for a natural dry when possible. Or wrap your hair in a microfibre towel and allow it to dry that way.

If you are short on time, using a diffuser is still a great idea (I always use mine). Just make sure it is on a low heat. We’ve got a video demo on how to diffuse your hair here.

5. you're scratching your scalp

It may be tempting, but it will not help!

Scratching your scalp will lead to more skin irritation such as cuts, sores and abrasions.

Instead of resorting to scratching as a short term fix, try using a deep conditioner to compact the dryness. 

Follow this up by adding a few drops of the Merwave Wavy Hair Oil to seal in your hairs moisture.

Your waves will not only appear shinier, yet they’ll also be healthier.

want to awaken your wavy hair?

The Merwave range is built for wavy hair. Simple, natural wavy hair products that unleash your natural waves after a few washes. 

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