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''A wavy hair essential. Reduces frizz and keep waves defined all day long'' - Jo Hipkin


A lightweight, 100% natural oil formulated to seal in your hairs moisture to create longer lasting, more defined wavy hair. 


Oils fatty acids lubricate the hair strands, which prevents it from drying out too quickly. Results in less frizz, split ends and breakages. Adds shine and lustre to your waves without weighing it down.

Fragrance free and non-greasy.  Suitable for all hair types.
50ml bottle will last approx 3-months. 

Why do you need a hair oil?

Natural wavy hair is more prone to dryness. This results in rough, brittle hair strands, more breakages and excess frizz. Once this happens our hair begins to resemble straw. It looks dull and damaged. That birds nest we’ve all experienced before! 

To prevent this from occurring, your natural waves must be constantly hydrated. Which is why you should be using a high quality conditioner to feed your hair with the moisture it needs to thrive.

Yet moisture escapes quickly. Which is why we use a natural hair oil to help seal in that vital moisture and keep our hair hydrated and nourished.

The lubricating properties of an oil make it harder for the strands of hair to become brittle and dry, which results in less breakages and split ends.

The end result are frizz free, deeply hydrated, healthier waves that last throughout the day.

How to use

Apply a few drops of the oil to the palms of your hands. Smooth through dry hair. Do not rinse. Can be used daily. For extra hydration, can be applied before bed and left to work its magic overnight. 

Watch the video demo below.


Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil, Vitis Vinifera Seed Oil, Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, Jojoba Oil.

No harsh ingredients. Never tested on animals.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Marsha Macintyre
The best wavey hair products youll find

I tried a couple of other wavey hair products before I found Merwave but this seems to be the perfect one for me. I love all the products and find I dont need to use much of it and not that often. Other products I found myself using more regularly and having to wash my hair out too much. Merwave makes your hair stay fresh and clean and gives me much more defined waves.

Ali M
Who knew waves / curls could be so easy?

Absolutely love these products. I knew I had unmanageable straight hair (long & thick and always going frizzy in warm or wet weather) but I was just using the wrong products. I love the simple 5 steps and although I’m still playing with quantities I’ve had great results from day one. In fact wow’ed with the change in my hair. I am embracing my waves and loving them. All the follow up advice has also been really useful. I’ve changed my towel, pillow case and scrunchie and it all makes such a big difference. Thank you Abi. It’s definitely take a few weeks to transition but I’m washing my hair less and it always looks great. I’m now looking at how to get my hair cut properly to improve the new look.

Gabrielle Pugh
Long lasting waves

I love my Merwave products. My waves last for at least 5 days especially with a little touch of Merwave oil to redefine them.

Lizzy House
Great products

I would definitely recommend these products. It takes a while to find out how much you hair needs but worth persevering through the transition.

Jo Barker Carr
This really works!

I haven’t used heat on my hair since I’ve been using these products - my hair is wavy, healthy and only needs washing once a week. This really works!

Photo of women holding wavy hair oil
Photo of women holding wavy hair oil

Frequently asked questions

If you have any further questions please email me directly:

Are the products all curly girl friendly?


Do I have to stick to this routine completely?

Of course not. This isn't strict, so mix and match as you see fit. EG. You may use steps 1,2,3,4,5,4 for extra hold. 

Can I use styling tools?

Of course heat damages our hair. But if you want to use them then no-one is going to stop you, so go for it!

I don't have a diffuser. Will this system still work?

It sure will. Just use a cotton towel or silk head scarf and let your hair dry naturally.

Are the products vegan?

Yes they are

When can I expect to see results?

If you have natural waves then you will see texture after the first round. Your hair will then become healthier after each subsequent round. This will then awaken your natural waves more. Bear in mind that if your hair is damaged from bleach, it might take longer to repair, so the results may not be as quick.

For more information, read this article: How to Survive The Curly Girl Transition

Can I brush my hair between washes?

Yes. Personally I brush my hair about once a day. Starting from the bottom to detangle.

Are the products high in protein?

Some of our products do contain small traces of protein, but not high quantities

Are the products gluten free?

The shampoo, conditioner and feed treatment contain wheat protein, so they are not gluten free.

Do you ship to the USA and Europe?

Not at the moment. We will do eventually. Just have some hoops to jump through first as they are cosmetic products :)

Is my hair wavy?

Most people don't know they've got wavy hair. They don’t recognise their natural pattern. So they settle for straightening it. Instead of unleashing their natural beach worthy waves. 

If your hair feels impossible to handle it’s time to take a step back and learn about your locks. You’ll probably be very surprised by what you discover.


This article reveals 5 critical signs that you’ve got wavy hair