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Published 25th April 2022

Why Curly Hair Products Aren't Suitable For Wavy Hair

Most people assume that using products that are made specifically for curly hair is also appropriate for wavy hair. However, this isn’t always the case! Some curly hair products might not be suitable for waves and other products aren't going to be ideal for curls.

You might be wondering why this is the case? Well, wavy hair is different from curly hair in a number of ways and this means that it requires a different kind of care and unique hair care products.

what are the differences between wavy hair and curly hair?

Generally, curly hair is thick and coarse. It follows a tight S shape, meaning that it has two bends. Wavy hair has a looser S shape and can sometimes have a similar texture to straight hair in that it is finer and smoother than curly hair.

Because of the differences in shape and texture, curly and wavy hair are unique. Wavy hair tends to be easier to style into straight or curly hairstyles. It will hold the style for hours, even with minimal products being used.

To style wavy hair, you don’t need to use a high volume of product and you can stick to the basics. But with curly hair, you’re going to need a lot more product to maintain your hairstyle for the whole day. This is because of the thicker, more coarse nature of tight curls.

With that being said, the beauty of curly hair is that it’s naturally thick and has plenty of volume. This means that you won’t need to use as many volumising and texturising products if you have curly hair compared to if you have wavy hair.

what kinds of products should you use on wavy hair?

We’ve briefly mentioned some of the key differences in the types of products that you should be using on curly vs wavy hair but let’s go into a little more detail.

Because wavy hair is thinner and easier to style, you can get away with using lightweight products, such as foam and serums. With curly hair, you’ll need to use heavier, thicker hair care products, like hair butters, oils, and balms. Using these heavier products on your wavy hair will weigh it down and prevent your style from staying throughout the whole day.

Foams and mousses are perfect on wavy hair because they add volume and hold your hair in place. Scrunching foams and mousses into your waves will add a bit of bounce without causing excess frizz.

Whether you have curly or wavy hair, moisturising your locks is essential to your hair health. However, the way that you moisture your hair depends on whether you have tight curls or looser waves.

If you have wavy hair, stick to lighter, thinner oils that will add hydration without coating the hair and weighing it down. Use a small amount of oil to avoid saturating your hair. The oils will naturally penetrate deeper into your wavy hair, so you don’t need to worry!

For the curly girls out there, a thicker oil might be more appropriate and you’ll probably need to use more product than the wavy girls. Gently scrunch the oils into your hair and allow it to dry naturally.

Hopefully, now you’re a little more clued up about which products are the best for your hair type. If you have wavy hair, we have the perfect products to keep your waves soft, healthy, and hydrated.



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