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Published 13th December 2021

You Have Discovered Your Wavy Hair... Now What?

You might have read some articles online like ‘Do I have wavy hair?’ and realised that yes, you do have wavy hair! But you’ve probably been treating it like straight hair for years. So where do you start to establish a whole new wavy hair routine?

Read on to find out… 

what should be in your wavy haircare routine

The basics are probably like what you’re used to - cleansing and conditioning. Yet there are a few more essentials that you’ll need to add into your new routine - leave in conditioner and styling products. 


If you have been using a traditional shampoo then you’re probably used to feeling a lather on your hair and associating this with cleansing. However, this lather may be stripping your hair of its natural oils, leading to dry, brittle damaged hair.

Wavy hair will thrive off a sulphate and silicone free shampoo that gently cleanses and doesn’t strip your hairs natural oils. You can also use a silicone scalp brush to massage your scalp and get a deeper clean

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Hydrated hair = greater, longer lasting waves.

The secret here is not just using a good conditioner made for wavy hair, but the way in which you apply it.

Your hair needs to be completely soaking in the shower before you apply the conditioner. Make sure you apply enough conditioner from root to ends, then detangle with your fingers before following with a detangling brush. Once your hair is fully detangled it should resemble seaweed. Sounds crazy, but it should be soft and smooth and you should be able to run your fingers through it.  

more moisture

Wavy hair needs plenty of moisture! Added moisture should be included in your new haircare styling routine.

A leave-in conditioner can do just that. To avoid your waves from becoming weighed down, your leave-in needs to be lightweight enough not to weigh your waves down but moisturising.

Merwave’s Feed treatment is designed just for wavy hair. It gives an extra layer of hydration to your hair without weighing it down.


Now your hair is clean and moisturised you need to create and hold your waves. Layering styling products like foams and gels can create a cast which helps maintain the wave shape you created. 

remember this is a hair journey

If you’re completely new to this way of looking after your hair then it’s likely that your hair will go through a transition period. It may not look perfect after one wash and you may have more bad than good wash days but don’t give up. It just takes time to find the perfect amount of products and the perfect application technique for YOUR hair.

Once your hair is through the transition and you’ve found your perfect mix of product and technique, your hair will be healthier and wavier than ever. 

don't get overwhelmed

There is so much on the internet and on social media, but try not to get overwhelmed by all of the information available. You can’t learn everything at once! If you’re trying a new product or new technique then don’t give up after one go. If you decide it’s definitely not for you then don’t throw it out, you hair can change and if it doesn’t work now it may be the perfect product for your future hair.

Join a support group for wavy hair and find someone with similar hair, this can be super useful to learn new techniques for your hair. Although I wouldn’t recommend comparing your hair directly with someone, it can be useful to look at someone who is further ahead on their hair journey and use it as a motivator.

it's not all about the products

Your wellness as a whole needs to be considered. Healthy skin, hair and nails all start from within so leading a healthy lifestyle and being healthy on the inside is important to being healthy on the outside. 

must haves

As well as good products there are a few essential products. A satin or silk pillowcase and a gentle hair brush are just a few but you can find the full list of recommendations here.

experiment with styling your new wavy hair

You may be used to tying your hair up in tight hairstyles but these styles may be causing stress on your hair and ruining your waves. Instead, experiment with low manipulation styles like braids, pineapples and low buns. Clipping small sections is also a great low impact hairstyle.

don't forget

Embracing your natural hair should be a fun experience. Try not to have unrealistic expectations as this may make you want to quit all together. Understand your hair and what it needs and accept that everyone has setbacks - don’t let them put you off!

Gradually you can use your new routine to give you the healthiest and strongest hair you’ve ever had! 

Want to learn more about the Curly Girl Method? Click here to discover the key terms. 



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