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Published 5th January 2022

How To Look After Wavy Hair In Winter

As the weather gets darker and colder, our hair can start to feel dry and brittle. The frosty winds and bitterly cold air can take a toll on our locks, leaving them in a tangle.

When our hair isn’t feeling the best, it’s tempting to scrape your hair up in a bun and wait until the weather improves. But with a bit of love and attention (and a great wave hair routine) you can maintain healthy, luscious locks all year round.

So, what can you do with your wavy hair in winter?

Here are some top tips to maintain your curly hair this winter.


If you’re familiar with the Curly Girl Method, you’ll know what co-washing is. This is basically a method of washing your hair without using traditional shampoo.

Often, shampoos contain substances that can be damaging to our hair, such as silicones and sulphites. Using these shampoos on your wavy hair in winter can make the dryness and brittleness worse.

With co-washing, you can use a special wavy hair shampoo or no shampoo at all. You’ll still need to use a silicone- and sulphate-free conditioner to hydrate your hair and lock in moisture.

avoid using heat and over styling

When you are blessed with naturally wavy hair, it’s important to embrace this! You don’t need a crazy routine to style your hair. Sometimes, it just takes a few simple steps to keep your locks happy.

Avoid using excessive heat and over styling your waves. This can remove the moisture from your hair and cause unnecessary damage.

Put the curling tongs and hair straighteners to the side, and allow your hair to air dry naturally. This will keep your hair happy and healthy, and will allow your natural waves to shine in all their glory!

You could also use this time as an opportunity to try new styles, like finger braids, buns, or twists. All of these styles require no heat and they look fabulous!

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deep conditioning

To lock in as much moisture as possible and rehydrate your wavy hair, you should deep condition once a week as part of your wavy hair routine.

Apply an adequate amount of conditioner to your hair and pop a shower cap over the top. Leave this on for a few hours (or overnight if possible) before rinsing the conditioner out with cold water.

After you’ve deep conditioned, your hair will feel soft, silky, and moisturised, regardless of the weather conditions! Our Repair Conditioner is perfect for a great deep conditioning session.

don't go outside with wet hair

Going outside with damp hair is something that we’re probably all guilty of doing every once in a while. But whether you’ve got straight, wavy, or curly hair, the outside weather can play havoc on your locks.

If the weather is cold enough to cause the small water droplets on your hair to freeze, it can expand your hair and cause breakages. Always make sure your hair is fully dry before heading out of the house to minimise damage during the winter.

use a humidifier

Alongside your wavy hair routine, you can use a humidifier to help keep your hair hydrated.

During winter, we tend to have our indoor heating turned on high. This can pull the moisture out of your hair, leaving it vulnerable to breakages and brittleness.

Placing a humidifier in your home can prevent your hair from drying out so you can maintain your luscious locks and stay warm!

sleep on silk bedding

Believe it or not, the type of bedding that you sleep on makes a difference to the health of your hair. It's particularly helpful to choose your bedding carefully if you have wavy or curly hair, as these types of hair are more prone to frizz!

Always choose silk bedding over cotton option, especially when it comes to buying your pillow case. Sleeping on cotton pillowcases can leave your hair dry and static due to the cotton fabrics pulling moisture out of your hair. Silk pillowcases, on the other hand, help to keep your locks hydrated during the night so you can wake up frizz-free!

use an oil treatment

Using hair treatments, like our Wavy Hair Oil, is key to your hair health during the winter. Oils can help to retain moisture and provide essential nutrients to keep your hair happy and healthy.

Applying oil to the ends of your hair can be especially helpful if your hair is already damaged. It can restore softness and give your locks a beautiful shine.

For all of your wavy hair needs, check out our other Merwave blogs! We’ve got a range of hair care products that are perfect to keep your hair moisturised and shiny all year round.



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