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Published 7th September 2021

5 Tips To Avoid Flat Roots In Your Wavy Hair

Ever noticed that your waves are perfect from mid-length to the ends of your hair, but the roots and top sections are flat with no volume? If this is happening it’s probably because the weight of your waves are causing flatter roots.

Don’t worry, here are 5 tips that can solve that problem leading to voluminous hair…

1. product application

Don’t be afraid to try applying products higher up the hair (close to the scalp). A good way to do this is to tip your head upside down then start applying the products to the sections closest to your scalp, before moving down the hair. 

2. root clipping

It’s basically what the name states. This technique creates volume without using heat. All you have to do is use some clips and grab your waves from the roots and clip them upwards.

Apply your products onto wet hair before clipping. Depending on the amount of hair you have, you may only need to clip the top section. Once your hair is fully dry, remove the clips and enjoy the volume.


If you’re diffusing your hair, try using a wide tooth comb or afro comb to lift and hold the top section whilst aiming the diffuser towards it. This gives the top section the chance to dry without the bottom section weight pulling it down. Remember, be gentle and don’t comb all the way through! 

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Wavy hair can be easily weighed down. Heavy hair products will naturally weigh your waves down, and this can lead to flat roots. The right products should be specifically formulated for wavy hair - having a strong hold yet lightweight. Wavy hair should typically avoid heavier products like a hair butters.


If you’re still rocking the same haircut that you had previously to embracing your wavy hair then a few subtle changes could really help to bring the volume back! 

Find a local curly / wavy hair specialist and book a consultation. Their expert knowledge in cutting hair will help bring out the best in your waves. If you don’t have a curly specialist nearby, chat to your hairdresser about adding more layers. This will help remove some of the weight from your hair. 

If you’re scared to make a change you can always start with long layers. Even losing a little length can make a big difference!



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