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Published 30th June 2022

Wavy Hair Summer Survival Guide

As the Summer temperature cranks up and BBQ season gets into full swing, there are a few things on my mind: the beach, the sun and..the frizz! 

Summertime is always my favourite season but my wavy hair benefits from some TLC to prevent it from becoming a dry, frizzy mess in the heat.

Read my ultimate Summer survival guide below to keep your wavy hair looking chic and effortless all Summer long.


I know it sounds…refreshing, but it will help tame your frizz and retain moisture for longer! Doing a final rinse in the shower under cold water before a day in the Summer heat will help to close the hair cuticles quickly, keeping your waves shinier, healthier and less frizzy.

Whenever showering in the Summer, try to avoid extra hot showers. This will damage the hair follicles and cause further frizz to your wavy hair.


Prevent your wavy hair from getting tangled and dried out further by the sun, wind or water by keeping your hair tied back. A simple plait or bun works perfectly to keep your hair neat and tangle-free. I often find that a French plait works miracles with keeping my wavy hair in tact.

If you do find that your hair gets knotted or messy and feel the need to combat it, make sure that you start detangling from the bottom and work your way up to prevent breakages. Remember though, unless your hair is wet, it is never recommended to brush your hair! Use your fingers or - if you must - use a wide tooth comb when your wavy hair is wet and use some spray-in conditioner to help you comb through more smoothly.

You can protect your hair even further from the elements by keeping your hair covered up entirely. A cute head scarf or trendy sun hat will conceal your hair from the damaging heat and wind, preventing it from getting tangled, frizzy and out of control. 

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After a Summer’s day, your hair is bound to be full of all sorts of unwanted guests: sand, saltwater, chlorine and excess sweat may have made themselves at home within your waves. Use a sulphate-free shampoo to rinse anything out and cleanse your hair. 


Doing regular deep conditioning treatments during the Summer season is highly recommended. They will ensure your hair stays hydrated and does not dry out in the hot weather, preventing - you guessed it - frizz!

Applying a deep conditioner is particularly essential before swimming in a pool or in the sea. Doing so will mean your hair will not absorb as much chlorine or salt water when you swim, which causes brittle, breakage-prone hair and can also cause damage to coloured hair.

As mentioned earlier in this blog, it is always handy to keep a bottle of leave-in conditioner spray in your bag when out in the Summer. You can mix some of the Merwave Repair Conditioner with water to create your own cocktail. Apply whenever you feel necessary, particularly if you are wanting to brush your hair at any point throughout the day.

frizz is part of life

Too many people get worked up over a little bit of frizz. Reality is, you're fighting a losing battle if you attempt to banish it completely. Instead, just accept that wavy hair is prone to frizz. Control it as best as you can, yet don't let it ruin your day. 

And let's face it, like other in-perfections we're all conscious of, most people won't even notice your frizz anyway! They'll be too busy admiring your gorgeous waves. 



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