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How To Use Mousses and Gels on Wavy Hair

With the right products and routine you can achieve lush, styled wavy hair all day, everyday. Let me introduce you to - drumroll please - hair mousse and gel.

Read this article to understand why these two products should be your hair’s trusty sidekicks for styling and how they work in combination to give you effortless, voluminous waves that last.


Hair mousse is a critical product in our quest to unlock those desired beachy waves. It is a versatile foam-based styling product that can be used to add volume and hold your hair. Mousse is brilliant for locking our lightweight waves into a cast, without weighing it down.

After washing and conditioning your hair, simply scrunch in a handful of mousse. Using this scrunching technique will add volume and bounce whilst reducing frizz.

On refresh days where you are not washing your hair, mousse can also be your trusty companion. First, glide your fingers through your dry hair to get rid of any small knots or tangles (remember, do not brush your hair with a hairbrush when it is dry as this will cause frizz and breakages). Once you have done this, scrunch in a small amount of cast foam to re-awaken your waves and get them looking fresh again quickly without needing to shampoo.

Merwave’s Cast Foam is the ideal lightweight mousse. It contains Polyquaternium-16, which enhances the shape and definition of our waves by creating space between the strands. This provides volume by adding lift at the roots.


Gel keeps our hair hydrated by locking in moisture. The results are shiny, bouncy waves without the crunchy, stringy look.

Using gel in your wavy hair will hold its definition in place. It would be a shame to let your hair go limp after spending the time adding bounce and volume. Applying gel after using mousse will ensure that your waves remain styled to perfection all day and night!

To apply gel, simply scrunch it in using your hands. Rub a small amount in between your fingers, then scrunch from the ends up to your roots. This will add definition to your waves whilst also ensuring that you don’t end up with too much product in your hair, which can weigh it down.

Merwave’s Protect Gel is great for wavy hair: it is lightweight enough not to weigh our waves down, yet strong enough to maintain a soft hold that will clump your waves together for longer.

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Using mousse and gel in combination when styling your wavy hair is sure to be the perfect dream-team double act! Apply your mousse first, then apply your gel for voluminous waves that will stay alive all day long. So, to recap…

Mousse = adds volume and bounce to create the desired beach waves.

Gel = holds the volume in place so that you can go about your day worry-free with long-lasting styled waves!

Gel + Mousse = Gorgeous wavy hair built to last!


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