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I've always craved soft, beach worthy wavy hair. That lush, amazing hair we normally only get after swimming in the sea whilst on holiday. 

Problem was I could never get the process right. Everything I followed was too complicated or took too long. I needed a quick and easy process. A routine I could do in the evening when the kids were in bed knowing that my waves would be intact the next morning. 

After months of trial and error I finally cracked it. No heat. No harsh ingredients. A super simple 15-minute routine that unleashes my beachy waves.

Below you'll discover my wavy hair routine...

1. Cleanse

Cleaning your hair without stripping away your hairs natural oils is vital to maintaining healthy hair. 

Massage Merwave Cleanse Shampoo into fully saturated wet hair. Start at the root making sure you use your finger tips on your scalp (not your nails as this can cause scalp irritation).

Image of wavy hair women on beach

2. Hydrate

Wavy hair craves moisture. A lack of it is the core reason for frizz and breakages. This step will deeply hydrate and moisturise your hair. 

Smooth Merwave Repair Conditioner through your hair from the roots to the end. Use enough product so that the hair feels like seaweed. Use your fingers, a tangle teaser or a wide tooth comb to brush through. Leave on for a few minutes or a bit longer if you want it for a mask. 

Image of wavy hair women on beach

3. Leave In Treatment

Purpose of a leave in treatment is to feed our hair with additional moisture to prevent damage. 

Take a small amount of the Merwave Feed Treatment and smooth it through your hair with your hands in a praying position. Keep smoothing it through until you feel that your entire hair is covered. Focus on the length (not the root).

Image of wavy hair women on beach

4. Lock In Waves

Once we've cleaned and conditioned our hair we know need to lock our waves into a cast. I use a foam to achieve this as it enhances the shape of the waves by creating space between the hair strands. 

Flip your head upside down. Take the Merwave Cast Foam and rake it through gently. Then take small sections of your hair and scrunch them up towards your scalp. Squeeze slightly to get rid of excess moisture to help the drying process.

Image of wavy hair women on beach

5. Apply Styling Products

A lightweight, strong gel accentuates our waves, locks in the moisture and prevents damage. 

Cover your palms with the Merwave Protect Gel. Repeat the scrunch and squeeze motion until you have evenly spread the gel throughout your hair. The gel will protect your waves when your hair dries. 

Wavy Hair. In 5 Easy Steps.

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