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Published 18th July 2022

Why Does My Hair Feel Like Straw?

As much as I would love my wavy hair to stay lush 24/7, it is unfortunately not always the case. At times, my hair can feel dry and straw-like, especially when the weather is sizzling hot like it is at the moment. Annoyingly, if my hair is feeling dry and brittle it is more prone to breakages and, let’s face it, it doesn’t look the best it can be either!

Read on to hear the reasons why your hair may be feeling like straw and some suggestions on what you can do to fix it and get your natural, luscious waves back in action!

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A change in climate can cause your hair to dry out, particularly when you spend excessive time in the sun. The hot weather can frazzle your hair, making it weak, not chic! If you’ve been abroad lately, you may find that your hair has been dryer than usual, so make sure to apply lots of moisture, such as a leave-in conditioner.

It’s not just natural heat that causes issues though: using heat styling products is a big cause of dry hair and split ends which is why I never recommend using them. Instead, let your hair dry naturally if you can or use a microfibre hair wrap if you are in a rush.


Moisture is the key to unlocking bouncy, beachy waves. If you find yourself looking more like a scarecrow than a wavy-haired beach goddess, grab a deep conditioning mask and give your hair a bit of nourishment. Skipping conditioning sessions will only end in breakages so be sure to stay stocked up with your favourite repair conditioner to apply after shampooing.

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A common question I get asked is, how often should I wash my wavy hair? It does depend on your lifestyle but you don’t want to be shampooing daily, that’s one thing for sure. Over-washing can remove natural oils from your hair and scalp, which can upset your moisture balance and cause that straw-like texture.

This is particularly true if you use shampoo containing sulphates, so you are best to use a sulphate-free shampoo to protect your waves as best possible.


Enjoyed that dip in the pool to cool down? I bet you did! But here’s the not-so-fun fact: your wavy hair cuticles did not benefit from the excessive chlorine and chemicals and will be more prone to drying out. If you are a keen swimmer, always rinse your hair after swimming to wash away the chemicals in the water.

Other chemicals from bleaching or dying your hair regularly disrupts the natural balance of hair oils, causing your hair to become dry and straw-like. Hydrogen peroxide, ammonia and sodium hydroxide attack your hair cuticles and leave them dry, causing brittle waves. 

My recommendation when adding colour to your hair is to always seek professional salon advice.



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