''I'm obsessed. They not only quickly dry my hair they also look incredible'’ - Chloe May


Your hair drying routine has just got quicker! Pop this lightweight, super absorbent hair wrap on, make yourself a cupper, then whip off to reveal frizz free, dry hair.


  • Microfibre absorbs excess moisture (reduces drying time)
  • Prevents friction, which reduces frizz
  • Made from 100% recycled materials
  • One size (61cm wide x 25cm deep)
  • 88% polyester, 12% nylon
Ocean TurquoiseCoral Red

How your hair will benefit

Durable, breathable and extremely absorbent. There are multiple reasons why wavy hair women rely upon their microfibre hair towels. 

Not only will your hair dry in record time (without using damaging heat). Yet unlike normal hair towels, microfibre reduces friction, which means less frizz! 

For an added treat: Apply Merwave deep conditioning hair mask. Then cover with hair wrap overnight (or for several hours). This’ll provide your hair with a deep conditioning treatment. Remove wrap and rinse off mask. Hello hydrated hair. 

Our wraps and boxes are also created from 100% recycled materials. Both your hair and planet wins. 

Behind every good design is a story

We wanted our hair wraps to be different. Something that stands out. Which is why instead of opting for a standard pattern print, we commissioned watercolour artist Charlotte Rose to create something that represents our wavy hair - unique and vibrant.

Drawing inspiration from our love for the sea, Charlotte hand drew dozens of shells, waves, starfish and shapes, before skilfully painting the vibrant watercolour patterns that bring these towels to life. 

Not only are they practical, but they also look gorgeous hanging up in your bathroom. 

Scrunchy stash

The box designs were equally important. We don’t want you to throw them away. Instead we encourage you to use it as a handy space to tuck away your scrunchies, clips and bands. They also make the perfect gift. 

How to wear your wrap

Tip head forward and flip hair over. Gather wet hair into the wrap. Twist the front section several times. Flip the twist over the back of your neck and secure elastic around button.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Vicky Hooper
Lovely products

Products are lovely, they smell great, are not heavy and work really well. Compared to other sls free shampoos I have tried they are excellent

Lynsey Grace
Soft Waves

I’m all for no fuss hair so these products work great for me. Took a little while to figure the right combination of products that suits my hair but now get lovely soft waves every time that I love!

Kathleen Mcgee
Loving this product!

Took the plunge after reading up on the website and joined the FB group. I am so glad I did, yes for a few weeks it’s trial and error as your hair adjusts to no harsh products, heat styling and silicones. But now my hair is much healthier. I don’t get the matted hair after night sweats ( my age !) and have to wash , blow dry , straighten each day. In fact I can go four days now before washing! Just dampen hair , and out the door ! It’s great. I’ve always envied the beach wave style and never managed it . Now I have it ! The FB support group is also amazing with lots of tips, support and fun!

Alexandra Patterson
Soft, light waves

I've been using the product for about a month now. I love the 1st day washed results, soft light weight, bouncy waves, not weighted down by heavy products. However, I can never get the same result 2nd day, I struggle to banish the frizz but it's getting better after following your tips.

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