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Published 26th Septepmber 2022

The Benefits of Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein on Hair

What is hydrolyzed wheat protein?

Simply put, hydrolyzed wheat protein is protein that’s been broken down into smaller molecules. This makes it a lot easier to absorb into the skin and pass through the hair cuticle.

It's a hydrator that strengthens your hair shaft, making your hair stronger, less prone to breakages and more hydrated.

It comes in the form of a brown/golden liquid and - with the clue being in the name - derives from wheat germ.

picture of girls with wavy hair


Our hair has a high level of disulfide bonds, which are damaged on a daily basis by sunlight, bleaches, hair dyes and heating tools.

Hydrolyzed wheat protein helps re-build these damaged bonds whilst strengthening the hair strands.

If your hair is suffering from breakages (the result of lack of moisture and weakness) then wheat protein can be your saviour. The protein and moisture hit will maintain your hairs elasticity, allowing it to stretch.

Your hair will look bouncier and have more life in it.


The main cause of frizz and damage is lack of moisture. And despite the word 'protein' being associated with dryness and toughness, hydrolyzed wheat protein is actually crucial to attracting and retaining your hairs moisture.

It achieves this by controlling the loss of moisture from your hair strands by passing through the hair cuticle to hydrate your hair shaft. It effectively locks in your hairs moisture, which is why we recommend using it alongside a deep conditioning mask.


As a result, your hair’s stronger and has more flexibility.  


Wheat protein is also visible. Which means using them within your hair products will give your hair a shiny, glossy look.

picture of girls with wavy hair


Because hydrolyzed wheat protein is so easily absorbed into your hair strands, they quickly swell with water and plump up.  


As a result, your hair appears fuller and thicker, creating more volume.  


This can make your wavy hair easier to style and give it that desired fullness that most of us in the wavy hair community love. It’s also great for anyone who struggles with thinning hair.


The moisturising nature of hydrolyzed wheat protein makes your hair shinier and smoother. A lot of factors can cause your hair to feel dry or frizzy, from the weather to occasional styling errors. You can read more about this here.


Hydrolyzed wheat protein helps keep these unwanted hair issues at bay by forming a thin glossy film over the surface of your hair shaft to protect it.

Although wheat protein doesn't prevent hair growth, by keeping your hair shaft stronger and preventing breakages is leads to that thicker appearance.



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