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Why Is My Hair Dry And Brittle?

Below you'll discover 3 core reasons why your hair is behaving like this and tips on how to revitalise your lush locks.

REASON 1: Lack of moisture

Ultimately dry and brittle hair comes down to your hair being moisture deficient.

Wavy hair craves moisture. The rule of thumb is that you need twice as much moisture as protein to keep it healthy and balanced. Dehydrated hair will cause it to dry out. This will lead to excess frizz, rough ends, brittleness and breakages.

You may also be washing your hair too frequently, which will cause your hair to dry out and lose its natural oils quicker. Most Merwavers try and wash their hair only twice a week to ensure it stays nourished and healthy.

picture of woman with wavy hair

REASON 2: styling can be damaging

If you dye or chemically treat your hair you’re more prone to dry, brittle hair.

The outer cuticle has been penetrated by the dye, which makes it weaker. This not only increases the rate at which your hairs moisture is lost, but it also prevents your natural hair oils from traveling down your hair strands. These are crucial to locking in moisture and keeping your hair healthy.

Using heating tools will also cause it to dry out quicker and damage the hair follicles. Heat causes the surface of your hair cuticles to weaken and split, allowing moisture to escape.

As you've probably realised by now, the common cause of brittleness is 'lack of moisture'.

reason 3: diet and hormones

Dry and brittle hair can be a cause of your diet. Remember the classic phrase, ‘You are what you eat’? Well, your hair’s no different and it’s affected by nutrients and foods.

Hair’s made up of 95% protein, so eating too little can cause lifeless waves. Insufficient consumption of vitamins and minerals like vitamin A and iron have also been found to cause hair damage.

In some cases, hormonal changes can change your hair’s texture. Natural hormonal changes can be an influence. If you’re concerned about this though, I recommend speaking to your GP to get it checked out, even if only for your peace of mind.

picture of woman with wavy hair

how to treat dry & brittle hair

1. BIG hydration hit

Treat yourself to a deep conditioning mask. Leave it on for around 30-40 minutes to allow the nutrients to seep into your hair strands and provide it with the vital hydration hit needed to revive those lifeless locks. The Merwave mask is perfect for this.

Once you've re-hydrated it, use a natural hair oil to seal in that moisture. The oils will also protect your hair from the external elements and give it a shine.

Avoid using any products that contain silicones and sulphates (none of the Merwave range contain them). They will strip away your hairs natural oils causing it to become weak and brittle.

Remember...wavy hair craves moisture! Most of your hair problems will be due to a lack of it.

2. Ditch the heating tools

They simply damage your hair. You're effectively burning your hair every time you use them so it's best to go natural.

Drying your hair using a diffuser is completely fine. Just make sure you have it on a medium heat. Drying naturally is your best bet however, especially if you use a microfibre hair towel to absorb the excess moisture first.

If you are really struggling with brittleness then wash your hair under warm water. Hot shower can cause damage to your scalp which leads to dryness.

Say goodbye to using heat styling products, like hair dryers, curlers or straighteners and your wavy hair will thank you.



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