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Summer Hair Guide 2024

We love summer—golden skin, BBQs, playing with the kids on the beach. You just can't beat it. It's also the perfect time to let your hair down and show off those gorgeous beach waves.

However, constant sun exposure dries out hair, making it dull, brittle, and frizzy. This can lead to long-lasting damage as hair becomes more fragile.

Here are 5 tips to enjoy the sun without ruining your waves, plus a go-to hot weather wash routine at the end.

1. apply a deep conditioning mask

Keeping your hair deeply hydrated prevents frizz and breakage in the heat. Use a deep conditioning mask once or twice a week.

Shampoo as usual, then apply the mask and leave it on for 30-60 minutes.

The mask's nutrients will penetrate your hair, restoring its strength and health. Your waves will be more defined and less frizzy.

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2. ditch the diffuser

During the warmer months air drying is the way forward. It’s not only the healthiest way to dry your hair, yet it’s the best way to retain that crucial moisture you’ve added.

My go to post shower drying routine right now is whipping on my Merwave microfibre hair wrap for 20-minutes to absorb excess moisture, then letting it air dry naturally. 

My waves are softer, less frizzy and healthier as a result.

I'm not even bothered leaving the house with it a little wet still. Just adds to that imperfect, laid back, wavy beach look. 


It wouldn't be summer without dips in the sea or pool. Yet chlorines and saltwater can have damaging effects on our wavy hair. 

Hair is porous. So it'll absorb whatever is thrown at it. Including saltwater and chlorine. 

So saturate your hair with fresh water before diving in the pool or sea. Your hair strands will be absorbed with fresh water. Limiting the amount of salt/chlorine from entering your strands. 

To create an additional protective barrier, apply some oil to your hair. This can help minimise the drying effects of chlorine or salt water. 

Wearing a swimming cap can help lock that oil and fresh water in place. 

Post swim, rinse it again with fresh water to prevent any salt from drying in your waves. 

Your hair's moisture will be retained. It won't become dehydrated, which leads to breakages and frizz. 

4. defeat grease

Our scalp will naturally produce more oils during hot spells. This (combined with sun tan lotion and sweat) is why your hair may be looking more greasy right now.

To combat this, you may find washing your hair more frequently is required. Or use a clarifying shampoo to remove any product build up. I always use a scalp brush to stimulate my scalp and de-clog the pores. 

Post wash (especially if you've used a clarifying shampoo) deep condition to replenish moisture. 

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5. style your hair up

Prevent your wavy hair from getting tangled and dried out further by the sun, wind or water by keeping your hair tied back. 

A simple plait or bun works perfectly to keep your hair neat and tangle-free. I often find that a French plait works miracles with keeping my wavy hair in tact.

You can protect your hair further by keeping it covered by a trendy sun hat. 

my SUMMER wash routine

I normally only wash my hair once a week. Yet during summer months (especially after a beach day or sweaty workout) I’ve upped it to twice with refreshes in between.

I’m applying our deep conditioning mask once a week to keep my hair fuelled with the moisture it needs to stay hydrated.

1. Wash hair using Merwave Cleanse shampoo. Use scalp brush to de-clog pores.

2. Condition using Merwave Repair Conditioner. Detangle using Tangle Teaser. I want it super slippery like seaweed!

3. If my hair is feeling brittle I add in the Feed Treatment for an added protein boost.

4. Scrunch in Cast Foam and Protect Gel styling products as normal.

5. Air dry

On non-wash days I’m dampening hair down before applying Merwave Refresh Spray. 

If I’ve been swimming in the sea or pool and my hair is feeling super greasy I’ll use a clarifying shampoo to effectively hit the re-set button.


Embrace your natural waves this summer. The surfer look isn't perfect. It's a bit messy. Effortless. Imperfect. Just let your natural waves do it's thing. 


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