Published 31st August 2022

6 Ways To Add Volume To Limp Hair

If you have fine hair it can often feel limp and lifeless. Although your hair thickness is often usually something natural you live with, there are some tips and tricks that you can follow to add more volume to your wavy hair

Read on to hear what you can do to add some bounce to your waves.

1. Clarify Your hair

Your hair may become flat and heavy from a build up of product, especially around the roots. Styling products and even hard water residue can lead to this. 

Use a clarifying shampoo to remove any product that may have formed layers around your hair follicles. 

This clarifying wash will hit the reset button. It’ll make your hair less weighed down as well as giving it a fresh, clean start when styling it. 

You must be aware though that post clarifying, your hair will be super dry. So you must apply a deep conditioning treatment to re-hydrate your hair to prevent it feeling like straw.

2. plop your hair

Your hair gets weighed down when it’s wet, which flattens your roots, making it harder to gain volume when styling it. 

Instead, use the common wavy hair technique of plopping. 

This basically involves wrapping your wet hair in a microfibre hair wrap or a cotton t-shirt and allowing it to dry whilst up, resulting in smoother, more defined waves with added volume. 

You can read a step-by-step guide to plopping on our website here

3. clip at the roots

When your hair’s wet or damp, apply a styling product (such as mousse). Then, pin hair clips at the crown of your head (or wherever you’re seeking volume) and keep them in until your hair has dried. 

This is sometimes referred to as ‘O clipping’, as your arms create an ‘O’ shape around your hair when placing clips in. This technique gains height and volume to your waves naturally.

4. use mousse

There’s a reason we included a mousse within our wavy hair routine. It’s integral to creating thicker, more defined waves.

The Merwave cast foam contains quaternary polymer. This lightweight ingredient enhances the shape and definition of our waves by creating space between our hair strands. 

It effectively locks our waves into a cast without weighing our hair down. This helps lift our hair roots and add volume to thin, limp hair.

5. diffuse your hair upside down

If your hair’s feeling lifeless and you’re short of time to plop your hair, you can use a diffuser on a low heat setting to dry your hair quicker. 

Diffusing will lead to more volume and thicker waves. To give your hair even more bounce, tip it upside down to diffuse. This will lift your wavy hair from the roots and prevent hair drying close to the head. 

Check out this video here to see more on how to diffuse your hair correctly.

6. get a haircut

If you’re trying these tips and still find your wavy hair is limp and lacking volume, it may be time for a visit to the hairdressers. 

Give your hair a trim to stop your waves from hanging down lifelessly and flattening its shape. A stylist will also be able to advise you on an ideal hairstyle to maximise volume and definition for your wavy hair.



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