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Published 17th October 2022

3 Tips For Longer Lasting Waves

Your wash day waves are on fire. Yet come the next day they look flat, frizzy and messy. How can you keep those waves alive? Start by following these 3 tips...

1. refresh

Wash day waves are always the best. Yet the reality is most people don't have time to wash their hair every day. Which is why on non-wash days you should always perform a quick refresh to spark your waves back into life.

Here's my 3 minute refresh routine...

1) Grab yourself a mist spray bottle. Then mix together some #2 Repair Conditioner and water.

2) Dampen down your hair using mist spray. This'll keep your hair nicely hydrated, which is vital to long lasting waves.

3) With damp hands, scrunch in a little #5 Protect Gel. This will lock your waves definition in place.

4) Once your hair is dry (won't take long as it's damp, not wet) I smooth through some wavy hair oil. The oil seals in the moisture, which prevents it from drying out and becoming frizzy.

2. protect your hair at night

Ditch your cotton pillow cases. At night they'll draw moisture out of your hair, causing it to become dehydrated and therefore frizzy.

When you move around during your sleep, your hair will scrape against the cotton fibres, causing friction. This contributes to more frizz and breakages.

Which is why a lot of women go to bed with defined waves and wake up looking like they've been dragged through a hedge!

To combat this, invest in a silk pillowcase. Silk won't absorb your hairs much needed moisture and is ultra-soft. This'll help keep your waves defined for longer.


Every time you run your hands through your hair you risk separating your newly formed wave pattern. This will lead to frizz and breakages.

And please don't brush them! Again, you'll just brush out that defined wave pattern, whilst also causing tension on your hair strands which leads to even more breakages and frizz.

Nothing good comes from manhandling your wavy hair, so keep those hands at bay.



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