Why You Should Clarify Your Hair

You thought you had it all figured out.

You’ve mastered your wavy hair routine. Your hair looks incredible. Soft and defined.

But after a few weeks your waves betray you.

It goes limp, lifeless and greasy.

Wash day results are disappointing.

You’re in a rut.

How do you bounce back?

Wavy hair’s a natural hoarder. 

Styling products, oils, dirt. They cause build-up. Which weigh it down. Obscuring its vibrancy and bounce.

Enter clarifying shampoo.

It’s different.

Penetrates deep. Stripping away the build-up that regular shampoos aren’t powerful enough to remove.

Unclogs your hair follicles. Allowing your scalp to breathe.

This deep cleanse is a hard reset.

You’re left with a blank canvas.

But be careful...

Clarifying will strip your hair of its essential moisture. It’ll become dry.

So, after the purge, it’s crucial to replenish.

A deep conditioning treatment post-clarification helps restore the moisture balance. Infusing your hair with the hydration it needs to regain it elasticity, strength and softness.

Key to clarifying is balance.

Only clarify when your hair needs it. Once a month. Or when your hair is in a funk.

It's a vital tool to freeing your waves.

You’ll see them come back to life.

Your next wash day with reveal hair that’s lively and full of movement again.


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