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Q&A With Lauren Olivia

Her radiant smile and gorgeous wavy locks brighten up our Instagram feeds. Yet what's the magic behind Lauren Olivia's enviable wavy hair? She reveals all in this short interview. You can follow Lauren's wavy hair journey on Instagram @lovecurlyhair_lauren


My wash day routine always starts with coconut oil. I use it as a pre-shampoo treatment which does add that little bit of extra time to my routine but it is definitely worth it. It reduces mechanical damage caused by washing your hair. I shampoo this out, always with my hair forwards (I find I wash more thoroughly this way), and then follow with conditioner.

I use a microfibre towel to squeeze out excess water and then apply a leave-in conditioner. To me, this is the most important step!

Next, I scrunch in styling products and then I plop my hair for around 20 minutes. Finally, I diffuse until dry.

Q: WHAT advice would you give to someone struggling with frizz & tangles?

The right products will always help with frizz. My hair used to be really frizzy before I found the right curl creams. Also, don’t be afraid to use a light cream on your hair when it is completely dry to calm any frizz. Leave-in conditioners will help with tangles when styling.

Q: top tips for more defined waves?

Apply products to wet hair and then plop with a micro-fibre towel. If your hair has started to dry when you apply products, the waves won’t be as defined. Using a gel as part of your styling routine is another way to get amazing definition.

Q: what do you do on non-wash days? what's your refresh routine?

If I’m honest, I don’t tend to refresh very often. If I do, it’s likely to be a spot refresh rather than refreshing all of my hair. I’ll take small sections that have lost some of their definition and spray them, usually with a leave-in conditioner. Then I finger-roll the sections to define them.

Q: what do you know now that you wish you knew when first starting out?

I wish I had known that wet hair is very fragile. I try to avoid manipulating my hair too much when it is wet. Brush-styling is often shown as the best way to define hair texture. I will do this occasionally but not every time I style my hair. Pulling a plastic brush through wet hair can cause a lot of damage to the structure of the strands, leading to an increased risk of breakage. I wish I had known this when I began experimenting with my wavy hair!

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