How Elastic Is Your Hair

Elasticity is crucial to hair care. Styling becomes easier. Your hair looks healthier. It becomes more shiny.

At the centre of each hair strand contains the cortex, which is where moisture is held. That moisture determines how flexible and stretchy your hair is. When your hair becomes dry moisture is drawn away from the cortex, which can cause breakages and brittleness. Your hairs elasticity is reduced.

It's therefore crucial to ensure your hair stays elastic. It will make your hair more flexible, easier to style and less prone to frizzing and breakages.

But how can you determine how elastic your hair is? Simply watch the below video...

Analysing your results

If your hair doesn't fall back into shape then it's non-elastic. It's craving moisture.

The first step is to treat it to a deep conditioning mask. This will infuse it with the hydrating nutrients it needs to bounce back to life.

You should then seal in that moisture using an oil. The oil will lubricate the hair strands, which prevents it from drying out too quickly. It effectively seals that moisture in.

Result is less frizz, split ends and breakages. Your hair will be shinier and more vibrant.

Don't be alarmed is non-elastic. Wavy and curly hair is prone to drying out than straight hair. Just ensure you continue to fuel it with moisture to keep it healthy.


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