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Published 25th October 2022

3 Things You Should Never Do To Your Hair

We all want healthy hair. Yet certain day to day activities can cause havoc with our locks. Below are 3 things you should never do to your hair to ensure it stays frizz free and healthy.

1. never not detangle in the shower

I always detangle my hair when it is dripping wet and covered in conditioner (which acts as a lubricant). I want my hair to feel like seaweed. A tangle teaser will then easily glide through the hair, which eliminates knots and tangles without causing damage.

I rarely dry brush. It's an instant recipe for frizz on wavy/curly hair. It also loosens and damages your waves shape and structure. The only time I may dry brush is prior to washing it.

2. sleep with wet hair

Your hair is at its most vulnerable when it's wet. The structural integrity weakens as your hair cuticles naturally lift up when damp, making the hair more elastic and prone to breakages. 

Your pillow will absorb your hairs moisture, taking with it your hairs essential natural oils. This'll result in dehydrated, duller hair more prone to breaking.

Wet hair can also cause more friction with your pillow, which means you'll likely wake up with a matted, tangled, frizzy mess.

Warm heads and wet hair equals a breeding ground for bacteria and mould. This bacteria and fungi can multiply on to your scalp, which can cause dandruff and itchiness. Not ideal.

3. Swim without saturating hair with fresh water first

Hair is porous. It'll absorb whatever is thrown at it. Including chlorine from swimming pools and salty, contaminated sea water.

Once hair is saturated with fresh water first, very little chorine etc will be able to penetrate the hair shaft. Our hair is like a sponge. Once it's full it makes it harder for more liquid to enter.

To create an additional protected barrier, apply some oil to your hair before diving it. A swimming cap is also useful to lock that oil and fresh water in place.



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