Crafted from sustainably sourced bamboo, this sturdy wide-tooth comb will effortlessly glide through your hair, removing tangles and knots. It'll also reduce the risk of hair breakage and damage, thanks to bamboo's natural anti-static properties.

Bamboo combs can also stimulate your scalp and distribute natural oils evenly, promoting scalp health and overall hair vitality.


Comes in recyclable presentation box.

Image of wavy hair women on beach

Why choose bamboo?

Unlike plastic combs, bamboo is known to be anti-static, which means they help reduce static electricity in your hair. 

By minimising friction and preventing static electricity, they're less likely to cause split ends, breakages and frizz. 

Your hair cuticles will become smoother, creating a shinier more vibrant appearance. 

In the long term your hair will be healthier and more manageable. 

Demo: How to detangle your hair

1. Wash your hair

2. Then apply a generous amount of Merwave Repair Conditioner

3. Work conditioner through with your fingers. You can even leave it on for a couple of minutes to soak into your hair strands. 

4. Using a gentle brush or wide tooth comb, start detangling at the bottom of your hair and work your way up. If you have a lot of hair you can section it. 

5. Once your hair is detangled, test to make sure you can easily run your fingers through it. Your hair should feel and look slick like wet seaweed.

6. Leave on for a couple more minutes whilst your continue your shower, then rinse off with lukewarm water.