Farewell Frizz. Hello Gorgeous Waves

This kit will awaken your wavy hair

Over 2500 5-Star Reviews

3 reasons why you'll love this wavy hair kit

1 - Lightweight ingredients for wavy hair

Heavy products make wavy hair go flat and limp. The Merwave kit is formulated using lightweight ingredients which won’t weigh your waves down. You’ll have soft, defined waves that last for days. 

2 - Helps reduce frizz

Frizz is caused by a lack of moisture. This kit is packed full of hydrating ingredients, including Glycerin and Jojoba Oil. Your hair will become deeply hydrated and healthy. That unmanageable hair will be a distant memory. 

3 - You'll feel amazing

Embracing your natural waves will make you look and feel confident and empowered. Healthy, nourished hair that give you the freedom to be you. 

Benefits of the wavy kit

Healthier hair

Zero silicones, sulphates or parabans. Zero heat tools. Merwave is all about embracing your natural waves. 

Quick & easy process

Wash and condition as normal, then apply styling products. 15 minutes and your natural waves will be unleashed.

It'll transform your hair

Into soft, defined waves. The kinda hair you get on holiday. That effortless, cool girl surfer look. 

Over 70,000 kits sold