Picture of girls with wavy hair

Delving Into The World Of Wavy Hair

What an incredible evening it was! Merwave's inaugural live event dedicated to wavy hair was an absolute triumph. The venue was packed to capacity, and witnessing a room filled with gorgeous wavy locks was truly inspiring.

Emma (the esteemed salon owner of Studio Barnsley, specialising in curly and wavy hair) joined forces with founder Abi to delve into the world of wavy hair.

With so much valuable information shared throughout the night, it's challenging to narrow it down, but here are our top five enlightening takeaways...

picture of girls with wavy hair


Low heat and low speed

Using a low heat setting and a low speed helps to prevent overheating the hair and causing damage.

High heat can also contribute to frizz and disrupt the natural pattern of waves.

Avoiding blowing out waves

"Blowing out waves" refers to using too much force or heat when drying the hair, which can straighten or loosen natural waves. 

By using a gentle heat and airflow, you can preserve the natural texture of the hair.

Cupping the hair and holding the diffuser in place

Gently gathering sections of hair in the diffuser bowl and allowing the air to dry hair while maintaining its natural shape. 

This helps to encourage the formation of waves or curls while drying without causing frizz.

picture of girls with wavy hair


Emma highly recommended the Merwave Repair and Restore Plex Treatment for damaged hair to help improve its condition and enhance natural waves. 

Here's the process she uses on her clients:

1. Wash hair first

Before applying the plex treatment, it's important to start with clean hair. This ensures that the treatment can penetrate the hair shaft more effectively, as there won't be any buildup of oils or styling products that could create a barrier.

2. Apply plex to wet hair

Wet hair is more porous and can better absorb the treatment. Applying the plex treatment to wet hair allows it to penetrate deeply into the hair shaft, helping to repair damage from within.

3. Sleep with it on before rinsing

By leaving it on for an extended period, the treatment has more time to deeply nourish and repair the hair. 

Additionally, not shampooing after rinsing helps to maintain the effects of the treatment, as shampooing immediately afterward could strip away some of the treatment's benefits.

4. Style as normal

Once you've rinsed out the plex treatment, you can style your hair as usual. The treatment should help to improve the overall condition of your hair, making it easier to style and “make your waves pop."

picture of girls with wavy hair


Moisture is key. Many times, frizz is a result of dry hair. So, ensure your hair routine includes a Deep Conditioning Treatment to replenish moisture and keep frizz at bay.

Hands off! Excessive touching can disrupt the hair cuticle and contribute to frizz.

Switching to a silk / satin pillowcase can make a significant difference. Silk reduces friction, helping to prevent frizz and preserving your hairstyle while you sleep.


On days when you're refreshing your hair (once you've removed whatever protective style you used overnight) allow your hair to settle for at least 15 minutes before jumping into action. 

More often than not, during this brief period, your hair will naturally calm down and require much less intervention than you might have initially thought.

picture of girls with wavy hair


By increasing the days between washes. 

Washing wavy hair frequently can lead to your natural hair oils being removed. Your hair also becomes accustomed to washes, so when you fail to wash your hair it becomes greasy. 

Both Emma and Abi admitted they only wash their hair every 10 days! 

Rather than attempting to transition immediately from daily to weekly washing, start gradually. For instance, wash your hair in the morning, then wait until the following evening for your next wash. By doing so, you've already increased the interval between washes from 24 to 36 hours. 

Over time, you'll find yourself comfortably washing your hair just once or twice a week.

This will lead to healthier hair. 

Keep your eyes peeled for future Merwave evenings. The next one could be near you!


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