Surviving The Wavy Hair Transition Period

The wavy hair transition period is the phase where you stop using heat tools or chemical treatments and opt to embrace your natural waves. 

During this time, your hair will transition from its processed state to its natural wavy form. 

As your hair recovers and adapts to reveal its true texture, it can bring about various difficulties.

3 signs your hair is transitioning...

1. My hair is more oily than usual

Using sulphate shampoos strips your hair of its natural oils, causing your scalp to overproduce oil.

Switching to a sulphate-free shampoo (like Merwave Cleanse) takes time for your scalp to adjust and produce less oil.

2. My hair has a weird wave pattern

As your natural waves begin to emerge, you may notice an uneven texture.

Some sections of your hair might remain straighter while others become wavy or curly. 

This inconsistency can be frustrating and make styling challenging.

3. I'm struggling with frizz

Wavy hair is prone to frizz. You've likely got use to frizz free locks from years of straightening or using curling tools.  

As your hair adjusts to its natural state, it may struggle to retain moisture, leading to frizzier strands.

Tips to overcome these challenges...

1. Add moisture to prevent frizz

A deep conditioning mask will provide your hair with a huge hydration boost. 

2. Use a plex treatment

Years of using heat tools will damage your hair. It'll become dry, rough and brittle.

A plex treatment re-builds your hair bonds, strengthening the hair from within.

It'll become healthier and shiner. 

3. Play around with product quantities

Some people require lots of foam and gel to create those defined waves. For others too much product will make their hair appear greasy and limp.

Start with less product and add more if required. 

4. Get a wavy hair cut

Adding layers will add volume and movement.

It'll accentuate your natural texture, enhancing the shape of your natural waves.

It'll also remove damaged ends, which cause frizz. 

Find a wavy salon near you here.

Transitioning to wavy hair is a journey that requires patience and acceptance. 

If you've been used to a polished appearance, then messier, imperfect waves will take time to get use to. 

Trust the process. It'll be worth it! 

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