image of women with wavy hair

Stop Making These 3 Wavy Hair Mistakes

Struggling to tame your locks? Frizz a daily battle? Wave definition and shape lost within hours of washing? You may be making the below mistakes...

1. STOP Brushing dry hair

Brushing your hair when it's dry is a no-no in the wavy hair world. 

Wavy hair is far more fragile than straight or curly hair. Dry brushing it creates friction, which pulls and stretches the hair strands. This leads to split ends, breakages and frizz.

Your waves definition and shape will be lost. Leaving you with a poofy, frizzy mess.

The correct way to get rid of those tangles is to brush your hair in the shower when it's soaking wet and saturated in conditioner. A tangle teaser or wide tooth comb will glide through your locks, eliminating knots and tangles.

2. stop dehydrating your locks

90% of bad hair days is a consequence of a lack of moisture. 

Unlike other hair types, wavy hair craves moisture. A lack of it results in dehydrated hair cuticles, which become rough and raised. This is what causes your hair to become frizzy. Your waves shape and definition is lost.

If you want soft, defined, long lasting waves you need to fuel it with the hydration hit it needs to thrive.

This means using a deep conditioning treatment once a week, using a conditioner that include ingredients like Glycerin and using hair oils to seal in the moisture around your hair strands.

All of these will provide your hair with the nutrients required to stay hydrated from the inside out. Frizz will become a distant memory.

3. Stop applying your styling products incorrectly

How you style your hair is just as important as the products you use. Below are a few tips...

Firstly, styling products should always be applied to saturated hair (not dry). It allows the product to be evenly distributed throughout your hair, ensuring every hair strand is coated. 

Secondly, scrunching in the styling products is the best way to enhance your waves definition as it encourages your hair to form in its natural shape. It also helps reduce frizz. Upside styling is my go to method. Watch tutorials here.

Thirdly, trial different quantities of product during your styling process. Everyone's hair is different. Some women's hair will react better to more gel and less mousse. Others will be the complete opposite. We always recommend playing around with how much product you use until you discover what works best for YOUR hair.

Finally, make sure you scrunch out the crunch. The foam and gel will create a crispy cast around your waves as they dry. Too many people incorrectly believe this is the final look. It isn't. You need to break the cast by clapping or scrunching it out. Check out a video demon here.


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