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Q&A With Kalina Warchol

Her Instagram is jam packed full of tutorials and tips on how to unleash your wavy hairs true potential. Kalina reveals all in this short interview. You can follow Kalina's wavy hair journey on Instagram @kalinas.hair


My washday routine is all done upside down. I wash my hair either with a gentle, or a clarifying shampoo, depending on my hair needs. Occasionally I like to co wash (wash with conditioner only). Next I either use a hydrating conditioner or a mask and rinse it out.

Now the hair is ready to style. I either use a leave in conditioner or a curl cream and brush it well through for even distribution. Then I quickly brush style my hair to form curl clumps, adding more water in the process. I make sure to scrunch my hair well too.

Then I seal it all in by glazing a styling gel onto the curl clumps. Sometimes I choose to add a light foam on top of it, it all depends on how my hair is feeling that day.

Then I proceed to micro plopping my hair with a micro fiber towel, and drying my hair with a diffuser, still staying upside down.

Once dry, I like to add a few drops to scrunch out the cast from my styling gel. 

Q: WHAT advice would you give to someone struggling with frizz & tangles?

Frizz and tangles are normal for wavy hair. However when it's excessive, this may be due to many things, such as damage. If your hair is damaged, make sure to be extra gentle with it and incorporate more hair masks and treatments into your routine.

If your hair isn't damaged, it can still benefit from hair masks and/or some extra leave in conditioner to minimise frizz. Lastly, try to add a hair oil at the end of your routine. It seals in your style, protecting it from humidity, and combats frizz at the same time.

Q: top tips for more defined waves?

For well defined waves, firstly make sure to use a leave in conditioner to keep the hair well moisturised. Next, brush styling your hair when wet styling can really help define waves.

Lastly, make sure that your hair is kept as wet as possible during the process - this creates nice, juicy curl clumps and prevents stringy strands.

Q: what do you do on non-wash days? what's your refresh routine?

On non-wash days, I like to refresh using either a foam, a refresh spray, or simply some water and styling gel mixed together. I like to brush my hair just before, to get rid of any tangles.

Q: what do you know now that you wish you knew when first starting out?

What I wish I knew when I started my wavy hair journey, is that us wavies shouldn't be afraid of using styling gels on our hair. I used to worry that they will make my hair greasy and wet looking all day, but luckily a good styling gel is not going to do that.

These days I am in awe about how wonderful a good gel can be for wavy hair - it really brings out the best in it!

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