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Q&A With Jade Kelly

Gorgeous, loose, soft, defined waves. There's a reason Jade causes hair envy across social media. Below she reveals her secrets to that all year round effortless look. You can follow Jade's wavy hair journey on Instagram @jadeswayves


With two small children I have very little time so my washday routine has to be quick and simple. It will always start with a deep conditioning, pre oil or bonding treatment. From there I like to keep it simple and fuss free with a cleanse and condition and finished with 1 or 2 stylers with some hold. I don't really like to brush style so I usually just scrunch to encourage my waves.

Q: WHAT advice would you give to someone struggling with frizz & tangles?

Frizz and tangles are inevitable but there are a few ways to reduce them. Add a leave in conditioning treatment, detangle whilst wet with lots of conditioner, use a microfibre towel and finish with a light oil to seal.

Q: top tips for more defined waves?

If your goal is to achieve more definition my advice would be to start with a well conditioned base, add your stylers to soaking wet hair and to diffuse your hair instead of air drying. You can also try wet plopping after you apply the stylers by wrapping your waves carefully in a microfibre towel or cotton t-shirt for around 10 minutes.

Q: what do you do on non-wash days?

I rarely refresh my hair as I really enjoy my looser stretched out waves but when I do, I love to add some water and simply scrunch in a little mousse.

Q: what do you know now that you wish you knew when first starting out?

That wavy hair needs completely different treatment than straight or curly hair. I think that waves are very underrepresented in the hair world and often mistaken for straight or curly; which is why I was clueless for so long. I'm so glad that there is a brand that understands and celebrates this. 

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