Want Hair Like This? Try George's Wavy Hair Routine

I've been using Merwave for about 4 weeks. Feel like today I’ve finally cracked it.

Here's my routine...

> Have the water lukewarm when showering to reduce frizz

> I go through steps 1-4

> Microplop and then plop in a microfibre towel and lay around scrawling through Instagram for about 20 minutes 🤣

> Take out the towel and apply more of 4 and then finally 5

> Diffuse with diffuser attachment on hairdryer at lowest heat and lowest power possible until 80% dry

> Clip the front bits back to avoid the temptation of touching it and then air dry

> Small amount of Merwave oil rubbed between my palms to then scrunch out the crunch about 3/4 hours later

And voila!! I’m so pleased with the results today 😍

Before and after photos below...


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