Frizz Tips

The air is crisp, the sky is clear. 

You're ready to conquer the day with your gorgeous beach waves.

Fast forward to midday.

Your reflection showcases an unwanted halo of frizz.

Your hair has surrendered to the elements.

How can you prevent this unwanted guest from crashing your hair party again?

One word…


The golden ticket to killer beach waves.

Frizz is often a cry for help from dehydrated hair.

Which is why frizz-free, great hair starts in the shower.

Opt for a hydrating, sulphate free shampoo and conditioner.

Sulphates strip your hair of its vital natural oils, leaving it vulnerable to frizz.

On the other hand, hydrating ingredients (glycerin, jojoba oils) infuse your hair with moisture.

Post shower, always apply your styling products to soaking wet hair.

Retains moisture, helps strands clump together and distributes product more evenly. 

You’ll be left with more defined waves that last longer.

Finally, add oil.

Just a few drops.

Its fatty acids will lubricate your hair strands. Trapping all that moisture into your cuticles. Fortifying it against frizz.

And please…don’t touch it.

Touching your hair causes friction with your cuticles.

They’ll lift and roughen. Your waves will break up. Frizz will appear.

So, hands off.

Post wash day (or whenever needed) spray some water mist mixed with conditioner or Refresh Spray on.

Then scrunch in.

Provides a hydration hit.

Keeps frizz at bay.

But here’s the reality you don’t want to hear…
Wavy hair is prone to frizz.
You’ll never get rid of it completely. 
So, stop fighting it.
Embrace it. 
Natural waves aren’t meant to look perfect.
You want that effortless look. 
A little bit messy. Undone. Wild. 
Like you’ve just strolled off a beach in California. 
That’s what people envy. 
That’s natural beauty.


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