6 Ways To Add Volume To Limp Hair

Fine hair can feel limp and lifeless.

Below are 6 tips and tricks to add more volume to your waves...

1) Clarify Your Hair

Product build-up and hard water residue can make hair flat and heavy, especially around the roots.

Use a clarifying shampoo to remove this build-up.

This will reset your hair, making it less weighed down. Giving it a fresh, clean start.

However, clarifying shampoos can be drying.

So rehydrate with a deep conditioning treatment to prevent your hair from feeling like straw.

2) Plop Your Hair

Wet hair gets weighed down, flattening roots and making it harder to style for volume.

Plopping involves wrapping wet hair in a microfiber hair wrap or a cotton t-shirt and letting it dry in this position.

This technique encourages smoother, more defined waves with added volume.

3) Clip at the Roots

When your hair is wet, apply a styling product like mousse.

Then, pin hair clips at the crown or wherever you want volume and keep them in until your hair dries.

This technique (sometimes called 'O clipping' because of the arm shape when placing the clips) naturally lifts your hair at the roots, adding height and volume to your waves.

4) Use Mousse

Mousse is essential for creating thicker, more defined waves.

A good mousse enhances the wave shape by creating space between hair strands.

This helps lock waves into a cast without weighing hair down, lifting roots, and adding volume to thin, limp hair.

5) Diffuse Upside Down

Diffusing adds volume and thickness to your waves.

For even more bounce, tip your head upside down while diffusing.

This technique lifts your hair from the roots, preventing it from drying close to the head and adding volume.

6) Get a Haircut

If your hair remains limp despite these efforts, it may be time for a trim.

A haircut can remove lifeless ends and prevent waves from hanging down and flattening.

A stylist can also recommend a hairstyle that maximises volume and definition for your wavy hair, ensuring it looks fuller and more vibrant.

With these tips, you can transform your limp hair into voluminous waves.

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6 Ways To Add Volume To Limp Hair
6 Ways To Add Volume To Limp Hair Fine hair can feel limp and lifeless. Below are 6 tips and...
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