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Published 9th January 2023

5 Tips To Fight Frizz

Wavy hair is more prone to frizz than straight hair. This is because the waves create more surface area, which causes the hair to absorb more moisture from the air. This air moisture causes your hair to expand and become frizzy.

Below are 5 tips to fight that fly away frizz...

1. keep your hair hydrated

Biggest cause of frizz is a lack of moisture. Dry hair becomes brittle and prone to breakages which results in frizz.

Ensuring your hair is deeply hydrated is critical. Alongside using a high quality conditioner, you also want to treat your hair to a weekly deep conditioning treatment to really penetrate your hair strands with hydrating nutrients.

This one-two combo of conditioner and mask will feed your hair with the moisture it requires to remain detangled and healthy. Your hair will become nourished and silky smooth.

2. use a microfibre hair towel

Normal bath towels cause havoc with our hair. They rough up your hair cuticles when it's most delicate (when wet) which causes damage and frizz. 

On the flip side, microfibre towels are made from super-soft, finer fabrics which wick away moisture without causing friction.

Not only will your drying time be cut in half, frizz will be a thing of the past.

Cotton pillowcases can also cause friction on the hair, leading to frizz. Use a silk pillowcase instead as this will keep your hair smooth while you sleep.

3. detangle your hair when it's wet

Brushing your hair when it's dry causes tension on your hair strands, which leads to breakages and frizz. 

Always brush your hair using a tangle teaser or wide tooth comb when your hair is saturated during your conditioning stage. You want your hair to feel like seaweed. The brush should easily glide through your locks, removing any tangles and preventing damage.

4. avoid heat styling

When your hair is exposed to high temperatures, the heat can strip the hair of its natural oils and moisture, which can lead to dryness and breakages.

This is why we advise against using hair dryers on high heat. Instead, either air dry, use a microfibre towel, or use a diffuser on a low heat.

5. use a hair oil

Hair oils can help to smooth the hair and provide a barrier to protect the hair from the elements. When applied to the hair, these oils can help to seal in moisture and prevent the hair from becoming dry and frizzy.

Hair oils can also help to add shine and improve the overall health and appearance of the hair.

Simply apply a small amount of oil to wet or dry hair, focusing on the ends and any particularly dry or frizzy areas.

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