3 Reasons Why You Need This Refresh Spray

Image of wavy hair women on beach

1. It'll reduce fly away frizz

Wavy hair craves moisture. A lack of it causes frizz. Hence why frizz is common post wash day as your hair becomes dehydrated.

This spray is packed full of glycerin and jojoba esters. Deeply conditioning nutrients that attract and maintain your hairs moisture levels by penetrating the hair shaft and improving elasticity.

This will prevent your hair from becoming dry and brittle. Your waves will be defined, softer and more manageable. Frizz will be a distant memory.

Image of wavy hair women on beach

2. It'll reactivate your waves definition

Product build-up, humidity, sleeping, day to day life. There are multiple reasons why your waves lose definition on non-wash days. They become weighed down, lose their shape, appear messy.

This refresh spray will revitalise your natural wave pattern, giving your hair more definition and hold.

Yet unlike hairsprays, it’s non-sticky and lightweight. It won’t make your hair greasy or gunky. Your waves won’t become weighed down.

3. It's quick and easy

Whenever your hair needs it, simply spray and scrunch. 

The upward scrunching motion will break up any frizz and re-shape your wave pattern. 

Can also be used as a final step on wash days for added hydration and hold. 

For best results, lightly dampen your hair first so the product is more evenly distributed.