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This New Hair Kit Will Unleash Your Beach Worthy Wavy Hair In Less Than 15 Minutes -And The Process Is Super Easy!

The quick and easy way to achieving healthy, beautiful, long lasting wavy hair

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I’ve always craved long, lush wavy hair. That hair we only get after soaking up the sun and swimming in the sea whilst abroad. Those nourished, beach worthy waves that make us feel empowered, confident, attractive and youthful. Beautiful natural waves that are unique to me.

Problem was I could never find the right products and process to achieve that surfer look. I spent a fortune on products that didn’t work. Watched endless YouTube videos breaking down complicated methods. Yet after trying everything I always seemed to end up with a frizzy, producty, tangled birds nest. Not a great look!

Then I discovered the new...

Merwave wavy hair kit which promised to awaken my wavy after only 1 wash. 

At first I was sceptical. Would I be throwing more money down the drain? Would the process take hours and be complicated? Would it really awaken my wavy hair? 

Yet after reading the hundreds of 5-star reviews and seeing the results of other women, Merwave was clearly different. So I dived in and bought it – and it was the best thing I did!

Here’s why Merwave’s wavy hair kit was my saviour and how it can transform your hair as well...

Merwave products are created for wavy hair

Every other product I’ve previously used was created for curly hair. Thing is curly and wavy hair require different products and methods. So it was refreshing to finally find a brand who created products solely for wavy hair women. 

The kit includes five products. Which at first I thought was excessive. Yet once you break them down they all play a vital role in creating amazing wavy hair...

Step 1 (Cleanse Shampoo) packed full of mineral rich ingredients that deeply cleans, revitalises and nourishes your hair. 

Step 2 (Repair Conditioner) packed full of hydrating ingredients that detangle your hair, leaving it feeling like seaweed. Nourishes your hair with the vital moisture needed to prevent your hair from frizzing and breaking.

Step 3 (Feed Treatment) a leave in treatment that'll feed your hair with an additional moisture and protein hit needed to protect it from damage and frizz. 

Step 4 (Cast Foam) a lightweight, non-sticky foam that'll lock your waves into a cast, without weighing them down. Enhances the shape and definition of your waves by creating space between your hair strands.

Step 5 (Protect Gel) is lightweight enough not to weigh your waves down, yet strong enough to maintain a soft hold that will clump your waves together for longer.


All of the products are free of harmful ingredients normally found in cheaper products (silicones, sulphates and parabens) which can strip away your natural oils, cause scalp irritation and frizz.

Unleashes your wavy hair after 1 wash

After one wash my beach worthy waves were unleashed. I was left with soft, lush, deeply nourished waves that lasted 3-4 days. Frizz free, lightweight, defined hair that made me feel like I’d just come back from holiday. 

Nothing I’d used before had given me wavy hair like this. My friends had hair envy. I felt confident and looked incredible. 

wavy hair kit

The process only takes 15 minutes

I have young children, so don't have time to spend hours faffing with my hair every morning before the school run. 

This isn't the case with Merwave

The process only takes 10-15 minutes from start to finish. A fraction of the time compared to other methods I've tried before. 

I actually opt to wash and style my hair in the evening and then sleep in a silk bonnet to keep my waves in tact. I'm then ready to go when I wake up in the morning. 

It'll fit perfectly around your hectic, busy lifestyle. 

The method is easy 

The problem with a lot of hair methods is that they are confusing and complicated. You spend hours researching what to do before you even step into the shower. I wanted something easy. Something that didn't involve hard work. 

The Merwave method fits that bill. 

Not only is it super quick, yet the process is dead easy to follow. 

Steps 1 & 2 (shampoo and conditioner) are done in the shower. Then it’s a quick 5-10 minute post shower routine with steps 3-5, which are the styling products. 

If you need any help you can drop a message into their exclusive members group and will get advice within minutes from fellow Merwavers. They also have lots of videos and resources on their website to help you unleash your beautiful waves.

How it works

Watch my 20-second demo video below to show how easy the process is. 

wavy hair kit

The products last for months

On the face of it £68 for the full Merwave kit doesn't appear cheap. Yet broken down it works out at just over £13 per bottle, including shipping. Which for five high quality, healthy products formulated for wavy hair is incredible value. 

The products also last for months. Especially if you’re like me and only wash your hair a couple of times a week, then refresh your waves in between. It’s also significantly cheaper than getting your hairdresser to style it. 

Yes, you can find cheaper products in the supermarkets, yet everyone knows these don't work very well if your aim is to bring out your wavy hairs full potential. 

At the end of the day, you really do get what you pay for. 

You become part of a wavy hair community

My favourite thing about Merwave is that you gain access to their friendly community support group on Facebook. 

It’s packed full of wavy hair tips, tricks and styling techniques from thousands of other customers. Knowledge that would take you years to figure out alone. 

It’s like having your own team of wavy hair experts at your finger tips! 

wavy hair kit

Unleash your beautiful, beachy waves

If like me, you want a quick and easy way to unleash your natural beachy wavy hair, hair that gives you confidence, makes your friends envious, makes you feel and look beautiful, then I’d highly recommend giving Merwave a shot

I've finally been able to unlock and embrace my natural, gorgeous wavy hair. It takes less than 15-minutes and the results last for days. It's been a game changer and I can safely say my straighteners have officially been retired! 

Click here to join over 5000 other women who've used Merwave to awaken their waves. 

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