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Remove product build up and impurities with our new detox shampoo. Wave goodbye to dull, greasy locks. Say hello to healthy, longer lasting waves.

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3 Reasons Why You Need This Clarifying Shampoo

1. Normal shampoos aren't powerful enough

Greasy, oily hair is caused by product buildup and excess residue. 

Problem is, normal shampoos aren’t powerful enough to remove the accumulated dirt, oils and products. As a result your locks lose their shine and volume. 

A clarifying shampoo will strip away the layers of product residue. It’ll break down the dirt and excess oils. 

It’ll unclog your hair follicles, allowing your scalp to breath. Thus promoting healthier, more robust hair. 

2. Won't strip away natural oils

This powerful (yet healthy) clarifying shampoo removes excess dirt, oils and product build up, without stripping away your hairs vital oils. 

This detox will rejuvenate your hairs moisture and shine. Your hair becomes clean and fresh. 

Your waves will become more defined and last longer. 

3. Creates a blank canvas

Using a clarifying shampoo will enhance the efficiency of your styling products. They’ll now have a blank canvas to work their magic on.

Your hair strands will regain their buoyancy and volume. It’ll appear fuller. Your waves will become more defined and long lasting.

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