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I spent years trying to master the perfect wavy hair. Those soft, defined, beach worthy waves we get after swimming in the sea. Hair that makes us feel confident, empowered and happy

Yet for years I just couldn't get it right. I ended up with a frizzy, dull mess. Damaged split ends. Spent a fortune on products that didn't work. So just threw it up in a bun or straightened it. 

Eventually after years of trial and error I cracked it. 

Below you'll discover the 5 game changing tips that unleashed my natural waves. Tips you can implement immediately. 

women with wavy hair

1. Use a good quality, silicon free shampoo

Most shampoos contain silicones. Man-made polymers that create the feeling of silky soft hair but in fact, cause dryness and block beneficial ingredients from penetrating your hair.

Which is why you must be using a silicone-free shampoo. 

This will clarify your scalp without stripping away your hairs natural oils. Plus the formula will not cling to the outside of your hair which means your styling products will be more effective. 

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2. Keep your hair deeply hydrated

Wavy hair is prone to dryness. This causes rough, brittle hair strands, breakages, tangles and frizz. That birds nest we've all experienced! 

To prevent this your waves must be constantly hydratedI use bucket loads of Merwave Repair conditioner. It's packed full of hydrating ingredients that nourish and detangle your hair. Leaving it feeling soft and slippery.

Yet, moisture escapes quickly which is why you must...

Image of wavy hair women on beach

3. Seal your moisture in using a mask

Fail to do this and it will become dehydrated causing frizz, split ends and breakages. 

Use a good quality leave in conditioner mask to feed your hair with the nutrients it needs to stay moist. 

Also use a natural oil to seal in your moisture. The oils fatty acids will lubricate your hair strands, making it harder for them to become brittle. It'll also add shine to your waves.  

Lock that moisture in and your waves will last for days

Image of wavy hair women on beach

4. Use silk accessories

Cotton pillow cases will cause havoc with your hair. 

They'll absorb your hairs moisture and oils whilst also causing friction. The result are brittle, dehydrated, shapeless waves.

Use silk pillowcases, scrunchies and hairbands instead. 

Not only will your waves definition and shape be maintained for longer, yet you can also style your hair at night and wake up with beautiful waves. 

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5. Use a diffuser

After applying my Merwave styling products, I often use a diffuser to help quickly dry my hair. 

A diffuser disperses the air. Which means it prevents the dryer from roughening up the cuticle of your hair. This reduces frizz whilst enhancing your natural waves pattern as your hair dries.  

Make sure you use a cool setting and hang your head upside down to create lift at your roots. 

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