5 Signs Your Hair Is Wavy

Answers these 5 questions to find out if your hair is wavy...

1. Is your hair wavy when wet, yet dries straight?

Wet hair reveals your natural pattern. If you spot kinks, this is the sign that you don't have straight hair.

Instead of brushing your hair post shower (and encouraging your natural waves to drop) don't touch it while it’s drying and see how it turns out.

Image of wavy hair women on beach

2. Is your frizz out of control?

Wavy hair is far more prone to frizz than straight hair. Due to the fact its natural texture craves more moisture. So if you face a daily battle with frizz, you likely have wavy hair!

3. Does your hair look puffy or flick out?

It’s very easy for natural waves to be hidden or camouflaged under poofiness - usually because people brush out their waves instead of defining them.

If your hair naturally wants to flick out, it's likely waves trying to form.

Image of wavy hair women on beach

4. Hair unmanageable?

Broken hairbrushes or combs just trying to brush your hair? Take you ages to detangle, leading to your hair snapping?

It could be that your hair is extremely damaged or it could be that you have wavy hair.  

5. Heat can't make it straight?

Ever noticed that some sections refuse to straighten?

Those kinks just appear and there's no amount of blow drying or straightening that will make them disappear.

That's wavy hair!

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